Amarasta blade burst

Can some slight range be put on its melee version? I’ve finally made my way to chars who don’t use it as pseudo-AA, and it’s absolutely miserable to use the skill as a rotational cast. It constantly requires me to stop whatever I’m doing and just click it for a second or 2, hoping that POS connects with something.

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I agree. It’s really clunky without high attack speed. For that reason, it’s always one of the last skills I invest in, even though it adds a ton of damage.

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it’s clunky even with 200 speed :sweat_smile:
it’s almost as if it has shorter range than other melee attacks
but when i last messed around with it seemed more like it was animation related, like it has a slower/longer “windup” portion where there is still possibility to be interrupted compared to other of the skills