Amarastan Crusher

I was browsing through all the epics and legendaries to find random shit to build around as well as find things that need tweaking. This weapon is honestly just hot garbage and is in contention for one of the worst weapons in the game. imo it is utterly useless for any build caster or melee. The recharge mod to deadly aim is sweet and the oa/health are nice, but I think it would use a bit more crit damage and at least some minor speed as well. As much as I’ve tried to love blade burst I end up frowning upon bonuses to it on 99% of builds. Would be nice if it was not a mace and pure acid damage for more damage on wpn dmg procs though that’s a very minor point.

My suggestion is to make it an acid rune weapon as currently acid inquisitor have pretty poor itemization using a whacky mishmash of gear and end up not being particularly good at any thing even with super nice gear. Either way this weapon needs some big changes :smiley:

Yeah Crate, what about acid inquisitor? And chaos shaman? And when will you do something about the horrendous state of bleed arcanist?

/sorry op i’m super bitchy today please feel free to ignore my bs :)/