Amarasta's Blade Burst - 3 point Catalyst

Perhaps one of the (imo) most annoying combatskills in the game with it’s supershort
duration combined with it’s even shorter CD which makes this skill a pure
insanity to maintain unless it’s used as a main attack.

My suggestion. Add a 3 point Catalyst that gives ABB a % chance to procc from
default weapon attacks.
1/3 - 33%.
2/3 - 66%
3/3 - 100%.

I don’t think this would make this skill overpowered, and since Catalysts doesn’t
gain skillpoints from +AS, it’s another 3 points which the player will have to prioritize.

Catalyst? You mean a transmuter?

What you’re asking isn’t possible so your best bet is to mod the changes you want yourself

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