Amarasta's Blade Burst Q

Quick question. Can you use this skill on your left click instead of basic “Weapon Attack”? Does the character use weapon attack whenever the skill is on cd or does she just randomly swing ineffectively? I’ve noticed in other games when you try to do ^ you can’t. Figured I’d be able to bind another skill to right click then.

If Blade Burst is on your left mouse button and you click while it’s on cooldown, you’ll do a basic attack. So yes, it can function as a pseudo attack replacer if you want it to.

You can bind it to the left click slot and your character will do normal attacks when it’s on cooldown. People always pick weapon pool skills so that they can be used when Blade Burst is on cooldown.

Worth mentioning that pretty much any CD skill like this can be used in this manner.

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Awesome, thank you dearly for all replies!