An easy tank build for 2 player

I am looking for an easy to play tank build. The person I am playing with does not usually play this type of game. All they know is they want to be very unkillable and not all the things to click during a fight. I don’t know anything about the soldier or really melee builds. ATM we have blitz and forcewave, and i want to know what their skill build should look like at 40, and what devotions and ect

Any help is appreciated… I don’t know if there is a such a thing but if there were a taunt or something to keep the mobs off my caster. That would be cool too.

I’d suggest some sort of Battlemage (Soldier + Arcanist), probably with a shield.

I have no MP experience in GD, but the class can be built to be very durable without too much gear dependancy and will use only a handful of active skills, while buffing the other player with Field Command (passive) and de-buffing and taunting enemies with Warcry.

Arcanist also provides Olexra’s Flash Freeze as another strong source of CC and debuffs, albeit one that won’t really work on bosses.

A Witchblade (Soldier + Occulist) could also provide very high levels of survivability and utility, with Blood of Dreeg and Curse of Frailty.

if you want go tank with sword+shield. soldier+demo probably best. blastshield/flashbang are extremely ridiculous for tanking and peeling

Demolitionist definitly fit the job you ask here, flashbang will bump the toughness of the group with the massive aoe CC it provide.
Secondly Blackwater Cocktail (non transmuted) is probably one of the best aggro builder, even with 0 dps your friend will keep most of time the aggro till he has enough OA to dont miss.

I will eventually add in the demo stuff as that does seem to be a good fit

The issue is that I set them up at 40 (to play with one of my lvl 30s char) with full soldier for now and they seem to still be taking a lot of damage. More than I would have thought as I also set them up with epics

Can someone give a grimcalc link for best not taking dmg set up

If you are taking too much damage at 40 it is most likely you have given 0 fucks about resistances or possibly have a really small hp pool. Really vague advice but 100hp/lvl is a decent measure for vet/elite imo

I may have given you 1 too many skill points. Take it out of Menhir’s Will if I did.

This is not great damage but will get better when the 2 devotion procs level up some.

what about the gear for party tank, which set or gear/weapon are BiS