An eternal storage as alternative for mulling

Yeah, I know, this probably never gonna be implemented, so probably /thread, but…

Considering GD is approaching its final development stage, it would be great to have some smuggler-like NPC which gives you access to some Eternal Storage… For a price. Because all excellent 3rd party stash managment tools out there all have their drawbacks (the worst of them is loosing your items etc.), and might become abandoned at some point, while GD as a game is so good that I believe it will outlive many current ARPGs (kinda like d2 does now, after… 20 years? Or close to that?)

The fact that you CAN mule by design only proves that this aspect of the game just needs some more love in QoL department.

As for making this more interesting, such an NPC might be unlocked only for those players who conquered SR100 for example (and as such it can be explained WHERE your items are actually stored lore-wise). Making things even more interesting, to get an item back you might need to pay like 10x of its original price.

Just an idea, so please hold your rotten tomatoes for a while…

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Once Crate stops developing the game completely this becomes a moot point. Once that happens it won’t matter if one of the tools gets “abandoned” at any point after that - the tool will still work.

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What you suggest would limit it’s availability since not everyone wants to play SR and Shard 100 isn’t easy to reach unless you’re in a multiplay situation. So that would probably rule out the majority of players. Crate have made it clear they’re not interested in adding any more storage to the game.

As powbam said, once Crate stop working on the game the tools will still be around even if no one is still working on them. You’re also assuming they’d be abandoned by their creators and that no one would pick them up and continue working on them. TQVault was updated several times long after the game was finished and it’s still being updated for the new AE version of the game. TitanCalc too.

I would generally agree… But any tool of any kind still ‘looks’ like some cheating of some sort, while in-game support feels different, and also gives you another challenge to beat - which is nice imo

And this feature would be only relevant to those people who already have enough powerful builds, and their goal is to experiment with whatever goes to their mind

SR100 was given just as example

Again, you’re cutting off the majority of players. I have one L100 character yet I’m a dedicated packrat. Most of my characters are still running around in Normal difficulty. Since it’s a single player game whether you “cheat” or not doesn’t concern anyone else. What constitues cheating in a game is a personal viewpoint, nothing more. You obviously see it as cheating and that’s fine, no one makes you use the tools. But you then have to accept that Crate don’t want to implement infinite storage so you have to play within those limitations.

Honestly, this meant to be like a feature ‘not for everyone’, and not for casual players for sure (like not everyone can kill Ravager or Callagadra). I was just thinking on more hardcore player base (look who’s now making d2 speedruns and sophisticated ‘broken builds’ just out of fun - and almost they all do use Plugy for exactly same reason!). I was just thinking that such a feature could enable the game to age better, for some ‘distant future’. If we can call the majority of guys who’re still playing abovementioned d2 game like ‘crazy people’ (in a good sense of course), then such people could mentally say ‘thank you’ to Crate in the future.

But in other perspectives, yeah, I agree, and probably we could call it a /thread.

And that’s one reason people may not see the need or value of additional stash space. I have around 30 lvl 100 characters and all my mules ran out of space before I was practically forced to get a third party tool. Plus, in hardcore you don’t just keep the top rolled copy of a rare item, you keep many of them just in case. So the situation is way worse here and the need for more stash space is really desperate. But I understand that to change that the devs need to do some coding and DB hack, then test everything. So we are forced to use tools and mods, same we do in diablo 2 :wink:

Honestly the use of mules is a serious waste of time, especially when you have much better options available. You have a PC, you have an offline, customizable game that doesn’t mind if you manipulate its files and neither does its creators. If you are a packrat you are better served just using one of the tools. Crate is against having unlimited storage (or even “near” unlimited) in the game - and always has been - has nothing to do with “coding” it. They simply just do not want it nor agree with it. Even if Zantai was FOR it, it matters not. The man in charge, medierra, does not agree with it and so it is NOT.

However, Crate is NOT against you making use of tools if you happen not to agree with their design decisions. Rather they encourage you to do so.

They’ve recently changed their stance on some things, and they’ve done similar in the past as well. As of this moment tho they have shown no inclination toward changing their stance on stash. If it happens ever, guess we’ll see but for now I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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People have been using 3rd party tools to manage their stash since the Dawn of Diablo (pun intended:)). Shouldn’t be a problem today.