An overhaul for non-instanced looting system

No, don’t get me wrong, I think the loot drop rate and system is already amazing. I just want to add the neat system behind it.

See, all the things on the floor scatters when you open a chest. This is okay so far, on instanced loot system. However if it is not the case, loot is shared, for 4 person the loot will be seriously dropping like mad, epics and legendaries becomes quite common.

Now I am not saying that THIS is the problem. The problem lies after. We don’t want to stand in the middle of Cthonic Rift with enemies still rampaging around and looking at a legendary and say “hmm this is not quite right for me, u want it?”. We want to speed the game as fast as possible, so the person who gets to loot it first, loot it. Then we’ll split, share, or do whatever with it once we’re done, or we’re taking a break.

Now THIS is the problem. We’re gonna talk amongst ourselves, spending 15 min in game linking the item in chat and seeing the tooltip 1 by 1 etc etc. After saying “Ah, that is just right for me!” the looter will drop the item on the floor or trade it. This will consume quite some time. Of course this will not happen in public games, since mostly it’s instanced loot. But for friends playing this game, we love to have it seen by everyone, someone need it, take it.

This is what I propose:
Have a chest in each town’s act (they’re linked), devil’s crossing, homestead, or fort ikon. This chest can be seen by everyone in the party. Now this splits into two ways, with two section each:


  1. After rifting back to town, players can put the item in the chest, for everyone to see.


  1. Players who take items that has a quality greater than specified from the chest, will be immediately transferred from the chest. The one that can specify the loot quality is the host, or by voting from everyone.


  1. Players can take immediately whatever item they want. It’s also logged in both the chest, and party chat.
    “Player A has taken [Item A] from the loot chest”


  1. Players can request an item, and the item’s icon background will be greyed out, and the tooltip will contain the name of the player who requested the item. Multiple players can request the same item. The chest has “Distribute Loot” button, but it requires all present players to open the chest at least once after the last item looted, and all items has to be requested by at least 1 player. After the button is pressed, the loot will be distributed to the specified player accordingly. Any item that is requested by more than 1 player, will be assigned on random, and any item that does not fit into the inventory, will be dropped in front of the chest, or the player’s current location.