An Update on v0.9.2 Development

this is going to be good

In current version vanquisher level, it cost a lot to made defense, time, energy, resource(workers, production lin for weapon and armor, land for military and walls, gold), weapon and armor would be broken in combat, but after defeating the enemy, there was no gain unless equip particular halidom.
I think it is good to make some change, or give rewards when defeating the enemy.


All this looks fantastic! i can’t wait to jump in and test this as soon as it goes to testing. I hope its sometime soon!

There are visual differences. I think the pikemen currently are missing their unique helmet. The archers already do wear lighter armor.

Main advantage of cavalry is mobility. Pikemen do in fact have a bonus against them.

Shields are already a thing and provide significant defense benefits. Pikemen, as you surmised, cannot use them.

Same two-handed weapon, one uses a shield and the other doesn’t, the same weapon is used with both hands, how will the soldier use the shield seeing as he is using a heavy two-handed weapon?
As he is going to use a heavy weapon at the same time as using a shield, this part seems totally wrong to me, what about the soldier who uses a sword? He will also use a shield, a one-handed weapon and a shield, that’s for sure.

That’s just the icon for “heavy weapons”, which is their equipment.

Exactly, but you can’t use a shield and a heavy weapon at the same time, the weapon is used in two hands I think, correct? It seems that the soldier carries a shield just to have more weight in his inventory.
look this…
Sword+Shield+Heavy Armor = Heavy Infantry (adidional name?) (high defence, high chance shield defence use, normal damage)
Two-Handed Weapon+Heavy Armor (no shield) = Heavy Infantry (adidional name?) (normal defence, high damage)
Two-Handed Weapon+ Light Armor = Pikeman (adidional name?) (low defence, high damage, high agility attack speed)
Bow or Crossbow+ Light Amor = Archer (low defence, high damage) (damage depending range)
possible made 2 type of heavy infantry, paladin for defence and any that use heavy armor for damage.

They’re not using two-handed weapons, it’s just an icon…

Yeah, i understand, possible we know about Light Infantry, Archer, Heavy Infantry and Pikemen?
Because Light Infantry and Heavy Infantry look same, due possible also use sword Light and Shield, will use diferent armor?
We happy with the game, im also playing several hours, very relaxing game, a time ago im develop a litle AIs for an emulator lineage2 game, due this my question about military classes, damage, defence, etc…

Yes, they use different armor. We’ll see if we’ll also differentiate them based on their held weapon.


Looking forward to this!

Thanks so much for the update! Pacifist player - so not that interested in fighting things. Not patient enough to create my own mods - but looks like a cool tool for others. Will they be able to share their creations with everyone, if we want to add to our games? Not sure how mods work TBH.

I am super excited to see the trading post request feature! I was stuck 3-days waiting for lumber to be milled. My original forestry camp was further away and it took that long for a new forest close to the lumber mill to grow large enough to harvest. Having the ability to buy lumber will be amazing!

I still want my moveable wild roses and a perfumery as a luxury shop - I know that’s a low priority for you. BUT - it would add a feminine touch to the game that I think is lacking.


Hey was just wondering if you will be implementing being able to pick up dropped items with specific villagers or laborers, like be able to highlight a group and redirect them from their current task to pick up something specific, thanks in advance and can’t wait for the update!

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Hello, what new features does it bring for those of us who play in peaceful mode?

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The Bitcoin HODL stance XD XD XD

Alright, this article makes me wait with uploading my feedback and bug list.
I’ve got a list with feedback and bugs but I’m going to be positive and check out the new patch first and then I’ll take a look at my feedback/bug file to see if there is this relevant stuff.

I don’t wanna complain when it’s already brought to attention or being worked upon you know :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe the goats and chickens are part of this update, so the ability to farm more animals and produce eggs should be part of a peaceful mode game.


this. i know they will EVENTUALLY pick stuff up. sometimes right away, sometimes (like last night) it took them 2 years to grab wood, stone and sand strewn about the main drag. I had plenty of laborers and builders too.

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I just joined, so i haven’t looked myself. but most developers that are interactive with the community have a public Bug Tracker that you can browse through and add any that aren’t listed, or if it is listed and you’ve experienced it, can vote for to help bump priority.

looking forward :saluting_face: