And the hunt begins....

Blueprints-the drop rates are abysmal

The Sentinal-is never rewarding

Eldritch Gaze- deals with both above

I have a character that can farm from game load up to Sentinal down in 5-6 mins. Yeah!! (Last character would take 20 mins just to kill Sentinal)

Keeping tabs on how many games run till I get the blueprint it seems the magic number for others is either 40 or it doesn’t exsist!

15 runs in and nothing to show but his Empowered Eldritch Casque, a few ancient hearts and a bone notched weapon. Most of the runs end in a heath potion and iron bits!!! (Loot set to blue and better). Such a waste for one blueprint.

I kill all hero bosses up to him as well typically 4-6, 15 runs not one legendary the whole farming route sucks. This reminding me of gen plans in Diablo 3 vanilla.

Please adjust blueprint drop rates to drop. One still has to make the item, more farming for items. Really want to use this helm for a bleed build. I’ve already been burned by run and badge of mastery crafting that at this point ring can kiss my butt.

Farming is fine if rewarding while doing so.


36 runs no blueprints

0 legendaries from Sentinal

2 legendaries off heros up to him

837261 health potions from Sentinal

This is getting old all for one plan for another character

I think the helmet is the least of your worries. You have a whole bloodrager set to farm for that build.

I have a few pieces that I’ve planned out and some do include the bloodragers but not full set. Character could flop but I’m cool with it I got a bleeding warded (Ithink to ole ultimate mog’y but couldn’t kill him) I’m used to failure as I’ve only ever made one character that could clear 97% content a duel pistol build. Could’nt kill most ultimate nemesis and never tried port dungeon.

I can’t stand running the same guy who’s drops absolutely suck to get one item. I’d be ok with run after run with no blueprint if purples dropped from him. Like tqit secret passage tons of purples and some nothing runs.

44 runs for me finally got blueprint to drop!!