And they like us in Italy! RPG/H&S of 2016 at Ilvideogioco

Bah! I suck at learning other languages so can’t read it lol. Glad you guys got number 1 though, well deserved…now we need to start the hyphy train for the xpac and raise the roof!

If you use Chrome, the page is a right-click away from English.

  1. And winner is … GRIM DAWN

Grim Dawn 170117
Born from a project on Kickstarter as much as 4 years ago orchestrated by Crate Entertainment, Grim Dawn grew quickly to love from the audience raising more than half a million dollars. Also because of the announcement, took place back in January 2010 at the start of fundraising, they passed a couple of years.

The considerable money has been a successful action RPG vast punk Steampunk mold and intriguing at the same time. Because? Simply said: remember Titan Quest? Good developers are basically the same: Crate Entertainment has risen from the ashes of Iron Lore. Proof? Well, they are not evidence but real evidence to indicate to us the spiritual sequel to that Titan Quest that enchanted front of the screen (and that thanks to the edition for the tenth anniversary release last summer did blow even on new recruits, ed ). First the game engine commonly called Titan Quest Engine. The animations are the same, of course, more fluid and significantly enhanced; in the second place of the character management.

Grim Dawn has its trump card in the creation and management of the character that is based on the dual-class. At the beginning of the game you choose a class after ten level up you choose the second craftsmanship that gives life a combined class.

This allows wide freedom of action in the allocation of skill points. Dynamic borrowed in toto from Titan Quest. To this were added some details such as the relations between the factions: going forward in the quest and resolving them in one way or another you will reap faction points that will serve to increase the degree of popularity. This will serve to obtain significant discounts from the merchants of that faction, but also access to dedicated sub quest for more experience points. There is the reclamation of sanctuaries that allows you to add skill, or rather, strengthen them. And so on.

But it does not end here because technically has its why. The isometric view can be zoomed and the graphic details are very pleasant. And it is also interesting sound. In short, if you’re a fan of Diablo III (and even better in our case, Diablo II) you can not miss Grim Dawn. What’s more, the short will also expand with the seventh mastery and new missions that add to the already rich dish offered that includes, among other things, the editor for the mods and the ability to share your campaign or changes on Steam Workshop.

In short, the game Crate Entertainment, born with a decent nest egg and with a great desire to surprise us because we loved it despite not having the budget majestic of many of his illustrious competitors, has been able to be (in our opinion) the true alternative hack and slash Diablo III in 2016 also because the game has a very dark, even more than that offered by Blizzard’s behemoth.

Of course they like you in Italy, i’m italian and i play GD a lot.

Anyway i will go and read that article from il videogioco. It seems you won the “miglior gdr/hack and slash 2016”.

gdr = gioco di ruolo = role playing game = rpg; migliore = best.

So congratulations!

no way! not again! another award? … stop being so awesome Crate!

I’m also from Italy and I’m glad to see my number 1 Steam game get the credit it deserves. Rock on.

I can confirm it. I’m in Italy and i like you :smiley:

A follow-up for 5th place for Game of the Year, beaten by some massive AAA titles:

if you post 1.008 notes i will spend some good words and maybe you earn 4th or 3rd place!