Another newb thread

level 50. Just finished normal, was pretty easy. got 39 free skill points to spend. But i want to improve this character, what can you, guys, recommend?

Vit dmg 530%, everything else around 100%. Only thing is scared me - bastion of chaos. There is this pale monsters, whom i cant deal damage lol. I encountered them in mix with some hero spawn, and hero spawns dies 10 times faster than them. I figured out that culprit is full vitality damage immunity. What can you propose? I know i can probably switch to melee, but i dont really want to. I wanna continue play it as ranged spell caster (not so much tryhard, but still). Is there any item sets/legendaries which i can use for such build?

ah yes, devotions - wendigo and bat carried me pretty hard, i love them. But still i cant navigate thro all these constellations :frowning: Need help too

ps: sry for grammar, iam not native english speaker.

You have 2 skill that offer resistance reduction CoF (with Vulnerability) will give you some Vitality reduction if you want to keep going that way.
I will say it already your class combination as a Caster is more suited for Poison rather than Vitality. Vitality would have been better with Shaman rather than Nightblade because Shaman offer Resistance Reduction to Vitality.
Still if you want to keep going forward with Vitality get at least one point (more is better cause of the range) and max Vulnerability as soon as possible (at 10/10 it will give you -50% Vitality resistance which is needed).

yeah i know there are better options, but i like the idea, call it a bit roleplay :smiley: Thanks for advices

I take it that you want vitality. It’s fine, just don’t focus on Bloody pox.

You want to get Curse of Frailty, Possession and Solael’s Witchfire with Second rite.

Try to get Manticore Acid Spray too, that help reduce enemy resistances.