Another question about Resist reduction

Hey there everyone,
I actually have multiple questions regarding this topic.

  1. the other day I read that the -% fire resistance from OFF doesn’t work against bosses as it’s bound to the crowd control. So what about the Devil’s Cage proc? Does it affect bosses?

  2. Is it possible to reduce their freeze / trap resistance (manticore spray maybe ?!) so that the debuff could get applied? And if the answer is yes, would it last for the full written duration or just the cc duration?

  3. I’m running the “Essence of Ch’thon” Augment on a spammable PB build which grants 15% chance for 15% reduced resistances. Is the chance or the amount of reduction affected by %weapon damage being <100%, meaning I won’t apply the whole 15% or have a smaller chance?

Hope you all get my questions, I’m not a native speaker. And thank you for your help… This community seems to be pretty awesome!!! :slight_smile:

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