Another SR question

So I got to shard20 and got the recipe for the resonating waystone. I then made one and started at 20 again and got to 25. Then I took my reward and made a new stone and started at 25. I did the same thing and got to 30 and then quit for the night.

Now today I make a resonating waystone and it only lets me start at 20? Am I doing something wrong now? I don’t want to do shards if I am going to lose ground =(

There is another stone for that.

*each stone can start from that shard.

1st - 5(default) - 10(add by clear) - 15(add by clear)
2nd - 20 - 25 - 30
3rd - 35 - 40 - 45
4th - 50 - 55 - 60
5th - 65 - 70 - 75

*Ex) If you get BP of stone from normal difficulty,you can use it in higher difficulty.
*Ex) If you use 5th and clear 65shard in higher difficulty, then all of lower shards are treated as cleared (only at that difficulty).

So proceed SR easy way is that,
“get higher rank BP in normal,and use it in Elite or Ultimate.”

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so if you have Resonating Waystone you can start from SR 30. If not then seems like a bug to me. Report it.

Ok so I figured it out. I had the right stone but here is what happened.

I did all this on normal. If you do Shards from 1-25 all on normal and quit it saves fine. Then if you do it on elite it made me start from the starting point of the current stone I was able to make. So if it was a stone that did 20-35, and you did them on normal, on elite it made me start at the base lvl of 20 since it only saved my actual progress on that stone for normal.