Another transmuter to the Occultist's Bloddy Pox

Bloody Pox could use another transmuter that will increase the skill’s infection range, infection speed, duration, and an immediate infection to another enemy once the host of the plague dies.

For the drawbacks, the transmuter could give the skill higher cooldown and increased mana consumption.

This transmuter could be useful to certain constellation attacks like Guardian’s Gaze and other effects that are reliant on using certain skills.

I had this idea after seeing a build in the forums about using Bloody Pox to activate Dreeg’s Gaze. Can’t find it anymore though.

The skill itself could use all above without any transmuters or drawbacks. And some dmg boost on top of it.

Or it could use better targeting, like ground casting similar to Curse of frailty

Is it really that weak as of now? If it is then are there any other ways to make the skill better other than more damage?

If % Health Reduction wasn’t awful, it’d be better. If Bleed Casting had, well, ANT real support, it’d be better. As is, it’s bad all over for B Pox.

Well, yeah. It is weak . And clunky. And lack dmg, utility and cast range.
Health reduction dosent work on most stuff. -DA dosent stack >_> Confusion chanse is pityfull.
ITs either need a LOT of extra dmg to be borderline usefull . Or better utility and beter QoL. Or both.

Really I’d remove the % Health Reduction, rebalance the damage around that. Then either add bleed casting support, IE another skill that would work on bosses, preferably MORE than one… Or rebalance the damage around it being your ONLY damage source for both trash and bosses, because it’s the only bleed casting skill.

Recently played a pox build up to level 42 on pure occultist and I had a hilarious time with it. Sadly many people told me that the damage drop off in higher difficulties would make it not viable, due to resistances on enemies and whatnot. It was a real shame that it was not viable, it was the least button intensive build I’ve played and it was very relaxing to play. Hopefully they will address making it more effective, as I’d really enjoy it if it were viable in the long term.