I think Anvil needs a buff.

The non-proc nodes are just awful. Some other constellations have bad nodes as well, but it’s usually 1 out of 4-5. Anvil has 4 out of 4 non-proc nodes being rather weak.

I guess for a long time it was overlooked because the proc was able to break shield builds, turning them into walking disks of death. But hey, Targo’s Hammer has a fixed cooldown now, and Overguard no longer provides an effortless permanent -100% shield recovery.

I think the proc itself could use a buff in chance to proc. Lategame shield builds will still saturate the ability with active overguard, but early on one has a block chance of ~25%, and the recovery of ~0.7-1 second, which will result in 1 hammer in 5 seconds at best. Increased chance to proc on block as well as buffs to other nodes will make Anvil more appealing early on and maybe even for non-shield builds.