Any build using Leviathan mace?


I have dropped a Mythical Leviathan and it looks like a solid weapon damage-wise, but the different skill boni (and damage conversion) seem odd to me. And thus I am not sure how one should build around it.
So what is the best way to use it? Soldier looks like an obvious choice, but for the rest I am a bit at a loss. I could not find any build in the compendium (or did I miss it?)

It is out of pure curiosity, I have no plan for it yet :smiley:

If you want straight up melee do a cadence Witchblade with 3 pc Warborn and Gladiator distiction belt (max second rite).

Go offensive with devotions towards oleron. Done right it hits really hard and for reference it clears gladiator in 150+ in ~7 min, which is very good

Sounds very solid indeed! Since I have this weapons, maybe I should try full physical next :smiley: Taking advantage of the massive damage on the weapon seems to be the key, right (and also the belt is a killer in this setup)? But this would work with any big physical 2-handers (if I am correct)?

But why did the devs try to support ABB with this weapon? I really can’t see any synergy between this skill and anything a 2H soldier could use. THere is cadence. There is Forcewave. Why would you use ABB? Is there any synergy between physical and Nightblade?

Depends if you favor more AoE vs single target. ABB should pretty much annihilate all but the strongest in 1 hit 360 radius which is fun. It’s a fun functional theme (being hit by a big wave), and crate likes themes. Some themes find more synergy than others due to class combos

Leviathan is best for WB is you want pure dps. The only one similar in power as far as 2h phys Auto attack goes is Avenger Warder.

So what is the best way to use it? Soldier looks like an obvious choice, but for the rest I am a bit at a loss. I could not find any build in the compendium (or did I miss it?)

Leviathan is very cool but Great Tide (skill of Leviathan) is not very suitable to blademaster builds because it take a lot of mana to activate (236, ouch !).
With the Doom relic, you can have ‘Doomforce’. With it you have something a few similar to ‘Great Tide’ but less greedy (75 mana cost).
Blademaster Builds are by essence very low in mana and mana regen.
this is my build using Leviathan, and is based on physical+trauma dmg (and a little bleeding). It is Not suitable for high lvl gladiator crucible but the PvE campagne is an easy walk, Nemesis chase too. No need to use ‘great tide’ here, other skills are sufficient. ABB have 1,5 second skill’s recharge, give freeze chance and offensive ability with the mod (and with Mythical Leviathan, a good source of physical dommage in AoE)
this build is perfectible and some skills could be removed but the main interest is to inflict some alterations and dmg with no delay.

Like this:
2x Black Matriarch rings is not optimal, though

This build should be good for any purpose.
© JoV, Tora

7 minutes? Why isn’t there a guide yet, I want to see a video of that. That’s some pet build level of carnage.

Well not really. Ultos does that too and it’s not the only 2h build that does that. JoV and Tora talked a lot about this build on a thread. It just didn’t feel special enough for someone to post it i guess. But someone will eventually, i’m sure.

Are you using a copyright symbol for a GD build? :rolleyes:

Honestly i don’t know what I’m doing :smiley:
It must say that this particular build was designed by JoV and Tora.

Well they did craft it together, and tora did make a test video with that setup

Sometimes I feel like there is a whole parallel universe of builds where people make common melee builds that do Crucible in 7 minutes and those builds don’t make it to the compendium for some reason.

Pretty sure ultos and leviathan are the only ones that can. If there’s another then someone would’ve talked about it somewhere. Anyways, this isn’t the only 7 min build that wasn’t posted. The 7 min rune build with crescent moons isn’t here too. Lightning dagallon purifier could also do it according to Ptiro and it wasn’t posted too.

Now onto warborn, it was JoV (who quit the game) and Tora (who doesn’t make guides) who talked about it, so naturally there will be no guide. Zhuugus made a version of it tho, and it’s not that Reasonably Powerful (only 3.2k DA). Pretty sure you could tweak it to be less Reasonable, tho this char should naturally have good DA by itself.

On paper it looks like a quadruple metric tonn of physical damage, but it’s just Cadence (not even a point in Markovian Advantage), where does aoe come from? Or does this build suppose to chop every single mob in Crucible one by one?

Just looked at devotions cause I was surprised at your comment. And lol zhuugus didn’t take blind fury. This shouldn’t be the 7 min one lol. But yeah, ideally if you get that much flat damage then blind fury should one shot trash. And also doomforce.

barthollem 2h FS can 7- 7:30. Avenger can, without lag.

With the right setup you have 200% AS and hit 3x targets not one by one. You also put blind fury on Cadence which works wonders with all phys 2h builds like avenger who also relies greatly on BF. Mobs fall

7 minutes, wow.


Maybe you can become a pilot for my builds and make them look better? I will pay in mats or iron bits!1

I will take PC hardware bits:p

Jk, i’ve started purchasing parts for a new PC so i’m excited about that.

btw for all of the above it’s 7 min with decent mutators. You get crap like shattered+resistant on a phys build and you can add 40 secs no lag.

Shattered + Aethermarked + Toughened - my favourite combo