Any chance of updated Forcewave conversion gfx?

I’m happy with the (relatively) new gfx for cold/lightning/fire/elemental Forcewave, but one thing always bothered me about it. If you’ve used Forcewave you know the gfx consists of a yellow shockwave and an “aftershock” that trails behind it. Conversion effects only recolor that aftershock; it doesn’t look too bad with fire (orange) or lightning (sparkly!), but the ice (blue) and elemental (purple) variants clash visually with the default skill’s yellow.

I’m aware of how frivolous this probably sounds, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least ask for a revisit while the game is still being updated (also there’s an item skill, Hyrian’s Claw, that has an extremely similar fx with both shockwaves colored the same, so it’s not entirely pie-in-the-sky thinking).

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@Purlpo @narkan10

I had some problems modding it (mostly due to Windows file search not working properly / finding all the files)
if you’re interested I can upload a changed file (hard mod) so that it’s working in Main Campaign / Crucible.
It does change all Forcewaves so I guess you’d have to go back to default file if playing other than Elemental.

Also here’s my recent build:


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