Any good 2HD Ranged Fire builds?

So while leveling up fire melee saboteur which I absolutey love, there was a point in the leveling process where I was using 2hd range weapon and had Fire Strike as a main skill, with Flame touched and Vindictive Flame maxed along with fire strikes transmuter searing strike and man was I blowing stuff up.

While I was using 2HD ranged I thought how much fun it would be to make a ranged fire build and wondering since I am not really good on making solid builds yet if anyone had one they are playing they would share along with devotions recommendations and attributes.

Most of what I see is dual wield guides which I already have 2 of atm. Would anyone care to help me out? I am not sure if I should be a pyromancer or elementalists. I just recently discovered the relics Flintcore bolts that give greater fire blast which stoked my enthusiasm to play fire builds.


Personally I don’t see that much difference between 2x pistols and 2hand, build-wise at least. My friend had been switching between them often while he levelled his sorc, to the point that he still sometimes used some blue rifle even after I gave him legendary pistols. This one-point transmuter is just that strong.

Yea searing strike is amazing, there is just so many builds out there, but I am not seeing alot of 2HD ones that might work for me. Yea people could say just play the game and find something that works for you, but I don’t have alot time to play. So experimenting and min/maxing is out of the question for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I would start another character if I had to for another build type, its just 2 to 3 hours a day alot of times less than that and it sucks when trying new stuff out. Anyways, thanks for the replay, if anyone has anything else to add I would appreciate it.

This is what I would do with Sorceress.

I went with this for Elementalist, but admittedly don’t know much about the Shaman tree. 12 points left over on this build, maybe invest in Wendigo if it’s as good as I hear.

And this for Pyromancer. I don’t love Occultist with Demo, though.

I have a Pyromancer that’s halfway through Ultimate, been rifle-only her entire playthrough.

I can’t check it right now but it’s something like this:

Put witchblade on the mines and raise dead on firestrike (they soak spells and bullets, plus clog up stuff near the mines so it takes more damage.

I think the devotion is correct, but don’t quote me on it. She’s slightly squishy, be prepared to go after +hp gear and put lots into physique.

Hey thanks for the help guys, I will consider and play around with these builds.

For now I am going to see about a 2 HD Sorc build again and use rifle and see how that goes.

I’m working on a sorcerer atm but pyromancer works well too. Arcanist and occultist both give a good boost to fire damage so either works well but arcanist seems to have more choice.

So I am primarily putting attribute points into Phys and Spirit then for Sorc 2HD build?

Man I wish there was a guide to help people on attributes since they can’t be refunded, I don’t mind mastery so much but attributes is another story.