Any good Cold Drain essence build?

grimtools would be appreciated

It isnt supported by gear.

Well there is an epic offhand whic coverts vit into elemental, and aether to elemental is supported by several items

I’m running a Gravechill build, it can kill the nemesis and clear the content but I would say its very badly supported the only thing they gave us was that piss poor amulet called Mythical Deathbound Amethyst and guess what? It sucks big time which is why I don’t use it

That transmuter isn’t very fair as either. We loose 10% ADCtH for a mere 20% increase in damage? It should be little higher than that

Word of Inquisitor Abalaon isn’t good for anything. Mythical Speaker of the Dead is the way to go

One item aimed for the build and it sucks?


Ok, I’ll pass

Well it works but only with specific items which is why I’m undecided whether a guide at the moment is worth it or not


Never mind decided to post it

You really want to have 26 levels in Drain Essense, because those last few levels drastically improve damage output. Same for Decomposition. And for that, your items should grant skill bonuses to Drain Essense, Hungering Reach and Decomposition. And they should grant %cold damage as well. And dont forget about resists, etc. Not let me ask you - how many items with %Cold damage and bonuses to Drain Essense, etc are there?