Any good purifier leveling guide (for dw or 2h)

I realy want to get a purifier to 100.
I am now full demo 65.But want to go purifier in elite now.Can anyone suggest gear skills and devotions…or a guide…

Thanks in advantage

Any help is welcome

use cannister bomb and greater fire blast until lvl 40. then go firestrike either DW or 2H. max brimstone/explosivestrike and go get inquis passives.

get elemental storm and deadly aim / aura conviction asap

max blastshield at somepoint in in elite

use fervor relic at 25 its op

I got my purifier to lvl 100 before starting ultimate. In 6 days !

Use Lokar Set -
Use Potion of Clarity -
Use any medals/belts/etc items with +%exp gained from shops (crossing or in crucible)
Use Hermit Legs ( for additional +%exp gained

Rest of items dont really matter cause u find decent ones for sure from drops during gameplay.

Create char, start in crucible directly(where u have stash to get ur needed items), start crucible, at 1st wave go in the spawning area and wait to die, after u die u get level 2, go get ur reward from Lokar, and restart crucible.
Finish 1st round (10waves) and collect ur reward - after this u should be lvl 11-12.

When u level up, put just 1 point in skills u use, and rest in base mastery points. For Veteran Diff u dont need any more - but maxing out ur base mastery level to 50 very early is very good.

Go start game on Veteran and 1st thing u do is Hargate’s Isle, and kill all enemies on island, even if u cant open the cellar, u get 1 more level up.
Do all quests that u can, and the entire map so u dont miss any quests, and after u finish act1 (kill warden) u should have lvl 30.

After u kill warden u can go and do hidden path in act1, u get like half exp bar filled…and ur on to start act 2 - dont forget about that potion :wink:

U dont need to change lokar set until u reach lvl 75.


Already lvl 65

Well i was playing 2-3hrs per day with Purifier…not 8 :slight_smile:

Oh srry i missunderstood - well I dont wanna give tips cause i dont really like the purifier skills…i just max out fire strike with its 3 other skills and use stun jacks for when enemies get closed. U should be fine with this until u reach ultimate.
But 100% use Blast Shield. (max if u can)

At level 65 you should start spec’ing into the build you plan on running
Use bonus exp potion (whatever that thing’s called)
Do bounties (only take bounties of monsters whose spawn points you’re aware of
Make sure you always have exp potion up

You could try this (it worked for me!): Simple DW Purifier

technically 2h. You can play with Brimstone too and replace relic with korvaak

Also this for more exp :

Just use Kalastor all the way like a real man.