Any good shadow strike build left?

Roman running the updated version from post 23

thx guys ill take a look

How did double lox morgo infil change exactly?

You use winter king and reaping arc instead of double lox until it’s nerfed next patch :rofl:


Ah I get it. Outdated af = no longer the fastest thing you can possibly conceive. But what exactly is faster than double lox right now? I mean strictly SS builds, not melee or caster with SS just for mobility or extra AoE from Nightfall.

Btw didn’t Winter King drop out of SS meta when it lost cdr? I made a neat Soulrend reaper last patch though. Low 4-ish. That’s probably one of the strongest strictly SS concepts?

Lol no I was just memeing. In case you’re out of the loop cause I haven’t seen you in a while, Reaping arc (yes the skill on uroboruuk relic) has been reworked and is currently OP on a lot of classes: [Feedback] Uroborruk's Reaping Arc

As for SS itself I believe double lox is still best but I also haven’t played in a long time (only came back a few weeks ago for the Reaping Arc fiasco) and grey and the other guys might’ve optimized it further.

This should be the fastest SS from GrimSheet:

Cold Shadow Strike Crittrain 03:59:00
(not sure why patch info in the table and the title differ, maybe char test in a new patch)

I’ve seen that build on Fastest Cleaners. Confused the shit out of me.

it is outdated in a way that both SS and Morgo’s SS part were dramatically nerfed, so it’s most likely won’t survive single handedly by the damage output.

yep, it’s an awful glasscanon with 1 point in Maiven. Iirc @Slev1n haven’t managed to complete the run even once, despite playing normally with build’s previous version that was like 7 seconds slower.

Yeah I agree. After the mods were removed, Morgo doesn’t do much for SS except that single target poison from NJE. Ranks are all messed up, too. But still, I was surprised to see a Ravager helmet mishmash perform better.

How is Dunefiend SS currently? I remember ppl were complaining about the EoR side, but outside of Nery’s WH I haven’t seen anyone talk about it.

I believe Morgo Infiltrator will still be the fastest sensible SS build if updated properly. It’s just that no one is bothered to do it, including me because i really disliked the survivability nerf of the base skill, made it very unpleasant to play.

Pierce SS with the blue set will be almost as fast for sure. And it’s 100% better than any Noctirn novelty, that much i can say.

It’s pretty nice.

While not as fast as the low Cd SS builds it’s actually my favorite. It feels good when it hits and has massive dots

I might have to take another look at it since that video is a bit old

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Oh… I thought you were busy trying to figure out the most lethal Aether Pannetti Death Knight Spellbinder build…
Sorry my bad!.. :slight_smile:

Do you mean something like this?

Smth like this but you wanna max out LA (or drop it completely) and get Chosen Epaulets, they are extremely easy to farm.

How would you update it? I think this was the one: Kaisan amulet and Basilisk medal for more %dmg?

These items and skills off the top of my head (frostborn prrefix is needed for single target). I’d also look into changing rings. The anubar proc was nerfed and the rings have no speed. Also Ghoul over Ultos might be a necessity to even try to farm some runs on it.

Saw no riftscourge slicer witchblades here.
Made one though, its ridiculously powerful.

Why not post it?