any helpers with a spin to win build?

hi, my brain damage makes me dumb so hard to make good builds, i want a spin to win build like in d3… could anyone help me with that? i was playing with grimtools to make my own build but was stopped dead at the constilations part zzz… ohh and i want to do soilder/oathkeeper if possible.

Theorycrafted builds will be very unaccurate once they add the new oathkeeper oriented sets & stuff. Just wait up to 30 days, alot of the builders can’t wait to try and post their creations once FG becames alive.

ok thanks… yea i cant wait to try spin to win either lol.

It might turn out that good ol’ Beronath sword will come back for all kinds of warlords. But until new gear is revealed let’s not pretend we can “theorycraft” anything just yet.

wait until new gear and devos are available in GrimTools

I have at least started a sketch for a warlord with big fat 2hander, some octavius and spellscourge gear for ele > phys conversion.

Even without new items I can already imagine just jamming in whatever the physical righteous fervor set (that’s like the most obvious set that will come out) there is on an oppressor and then cap resists and call it a build when the items and devos show up. When FG comes farm cruci like crazy on an old char to get that set. Transfer it to a pre-leveled 100 necro then respec and play FG.

The most obvious builds can already be theorycrafted to some extent. Sadly, spin2win isn’t one of those.

Not sure what you need help with:)


Oppressors are quite oppressive

Depends if I’m on the mood to play FG with an old char before going in with an Oathkeeper.

I hope so. Better them be oppressive rather that depressive. =)

You can’t be both ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, we need more items/sets and devo to theorycraft like hell. The wait for FG is so frustrating.