Any hope of a ps4 version?

I know, this is a heavily influenced pc game. I’m JUST wondering, is there a slight chance of grim dawn making its way to consoles?

I doubt it. Crate is a small team with limited funds and time.

I don’t use consoles but, i wound not oppose this idea. I just don’t think i will happen. They do already have controller support and the game doesn’t require to many resources so it could be possible, however, im sure it would take a lot of their time to go through with porting to console. Which most likely would not be worth their time.

Seriously doubt it.

I don’t really know how to use the xbox 360 controller for this game, like, navigating menus and such. Is there steam controller a lot better?
And yes the Steam controller is very similar in usage but overall for this type of controller setup it is easier to use and navigate and it provides a bit of extra functionality over the 360.

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Literally half a second away form posting the same thing. :cool: ninja’d

I hope so too. My pc is done and I replaced it with a ps4 which is my first ‘console’ since the ‘original nintendo’ which was after atari (and like 25 years ago).

I’d really love to see it come to ps4… hopefully with local… diablo needs to be dethroned… and no one has come close yet…

Bit of a necro of a year old thread as it’s been known for many months that GD is coming to iirc the xbox one and Crate have been working on this for many months.

Still welcome to Grim Dawn :smiley: