Any hunter type builds since Forgotten Gods?

Hello, I made a post for help with a hunter type build about a year ago, and was wondering if anyone has anymore suggestions, or has made a similar build since Forgotten Gods has come out.

Thank you in advance.

If Hunter with a pet, I mean a pyromancer with infernal hound is a nice and fun way to play !

Thanks agraf, I did mean with a pet, and probably a ranged character but not opposed to melee at all. Do you have a build you could post, if it’s not to much trouble. I’m not that great at theory crafting anymore. Thanks again.

Maybe something like this? Bleed as main damage, savage hunter of the woods with Savagery, Cadence (For Fighting Form + Deadly Momentum), pet near you (for the Aura) and Grasping vines.
Remove points from Emboldering Presence to for 26/16 Cadence and 12/12 Tenacity of the boar.

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Maya post this one on build section Fluffy