Any Ideas for my Soldier builds?

Hi, all! I created 2 builds. Can you compare these, what do you think? I am not planning playing a build which is created by others. I just want to learn pros and cons of these builds and want to improve if these are not okay. (Please do not forget to check attributes and devotions after skills.)


# First I spend my attributes in order to equip gears and then if any points left, I cannot decide add physique for more sustain or cunning for more damage.

# Also I am not sure about equipping 1H sword for more pierce damage or 1H mace for more physical damage. I have multipliers for both of them and their amounts are close. My enemy can have armor in order to reduce physical damage or pierce resistance in order to reduce pierce damage. In this case are physical damage and pierce damage same strong?

Thanks!.. :smiley:

  1. Monoclass builds are rare. The game is intended to be played with two masteries.
  2. For a pierce build you would use devotions like Blades of Nadaan and Unknown Soldier. If you want to play a physcial damage build with a mace, have a look at Rhowan’s Scepter.
  3. 33 points in Spirit is not a good investment in either case. You only need 5 to 10 points to equip high level jewlry items. Physique is usually your priotity.

Hmm, well I think you are on the right track with your first grimtools. Physical damage would be much easier if you just want to start out doing soldier and go from there. The only thing I would say you can change is drop Assassin from your devotion and put those points elsewhere and just try and stick with the theme of physical damage.

As for your skills you seem to have a good base for a cadence build. Maybe less points in Menhir’s Will unless you find you are really struggling and need that life saver. I think you’ll be okay going from there and as you get more gear and get a feel for what you like or dislike with soldier you can go more in depth with fine tuning your build. Eventually you will want to pick up a second class and warlord seems to fit the theme of what you have going pretty well.

Thanks Eis! I checked Rhowan’s Scepter and I loved it! But I am also afraid of having an obligation for using a mace. What if I cannot drop a good mace? Then I will not benefit from Rhowan’s Scepter. I am playing on Veteran and level 58. I do not have double rare or legendary items so I do not have information about drop rates. Is it too hard to drop a legendary mace?

Hey, JK! Thank you for your interest! I agree with you, I did not want to choose Assassin but also I do not know which constellation should I choose for completion bonus. I need one more purple devotion in order to pick Oleron if i give up choosing Assassin. The purple crossroad is already taken. I am waiting for your advice! :slight_smile:

I created a Warlord build after your second class suggestion. Can you check this too:

if you have forgotten gods, you have an excellent freebie mace in conclave of the tree.

Here is a slightly altered version of yours I dropped Counter Strike altogether and left Smite and Zolhan’s Technique at 1 point so I could max the Oathkeeper mastery bar and Celestial Presence from Guardian’s of Empyrion. The -30% physical resist from your guardians will be a big damage boost.

Ulzaad fits into your devotion path really well for nice stats and the devotion ability is great. Ghoul seems a bit out of the mix bit it nets you some life steal and another safety net.

No War Cry or Break Morale will be a loss of damage and more damage taken though.

You’re right, Shattering Smash seemed a little easier on skill points for now since it was pretty tight with the gear he has linked. I figured as a foundation it was something to work off of and once he gets some gear with +skills it’s a different story entirely.

for flat RR one can also grab revenant, a decent devotion for melee builds since it offers some speed and life steal. I’d use smite and Markovian as WPS since both shattering smash and zolhan are a bit slow with 1H weapons.

I just drop my budget sword and shield cadance warlord here ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds in case OP wants something to peek at :wink:

Thank you guys! Your suggestions make sense and very useful for me. I am going to make changes that you said. It seems like your revisioned version is much more better than mine. Have a good day!

We wood elves now

Haven’t you been in the conclave of the tree? its a dope place, you can find a secret passage to it in Ugdenbog