Any ideas what would be the best ranged / caster build for the highest DPS possible?

As the title says… Just a build for the highest DPS wise build / skill.
Any ideas or suggestions for items, skills, damage type, sets, anything?
Im just curious about what would be possible [emoji848]

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Or some nasty combinations for group play in SR? [emoji848]

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This build of mine is hella strong.

There is also single target dps builds, aoe builds and builds that do both. Some are great for Crucible speed runs, some are tanky to go very deep in SR. Which ones are you looking for?

If this is a Dummy kill world record you’re looking for, I think PB builds would be the victorious build.

Last time i checked from AoM exp, Demonslayer PB Reaper that can kill Mogdrogen in 5m38, best caster kill time I’ve played …

If you look just the numbers Lightning ranged with green MI rifle or RakaJax can show amazing sheet dps.

Well I guess I tried every single PB build out there and really enjoyed every single build of you mad_lee. Really enjoyed them for single play, but im more like looking for a glass cannon build. Was thinking about group play builds for SR and a typical tank, Glas Cannon setup. I guess only bosses are the big deal in SR, so its all about the single target I guess? [emoji848]
Just was curious about what ranged/caster build or skill would be the best to get the most dmg output possible.
Guess I will build around that then and see what kind of dmg, skills, etc to give up, to have enough sustain in higher shards. and see how this kind of taking aggro and tank / Glas Canon kind of playstyle works out.
Talking about 2 player SR btw.
Thanks for all kind of information, ideas, recommendations, etc [emoji8]

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