Any news on future DLCs ?

Was just curious if you are planing on releasing any kind of new DLCs (not expansions) in the near future. I already bought everything there is for the game on steam and am enjoying the game very much. Maybe some new cool looking cosmetic gear DLC? Or that adds new zones to the game? or maybe something like adventure mode in D3 would be awesome, since getting through all the 3 difficulties is getting boring sometimes?

See Grim Misadventure #129: Ashen Forecast - scroll down to V1.0.4.0 :wink:

this is coming with patch as I understood, but I was talking about paid DLC. For example, Steam Loyalist Items Pack. Or did i miss something? :eek:

Not that I am aware of. I think the Loyalist Items Pack was an exception, so that people can get those things, when they already bought the base game.

I would assume that the next paid DLC will be the second expansion, if Crate decides to produce it.

No, nothing like that planned, though you have the Illuisionist ingame to change your looks with. Once the bugs are fixed, we should get the updated Crucible next then after that the new rogue dungeon some time in the new year. Neither of these are out to the playtesters yet.

After that hopefully we’ll hear about Crate’s other projects. Medierra said this:

“We also are planning another “spin-off” game that is based on GD but a somewhat different kind of game.”

The totally new non-GD project we’re working on uses Unity."

"Since we would like to keep making content for GD, we’ve brought on some new people for that, to keep up the level of energy and enthusiasm (or new old people in the case of Grava, aka Josh Glavine). We’ll keep making content for GD as long as it’s financially viable. GD2 is a definite possibility but whether / when that happens depends on how things progress in the ARPG genre and internally for us at Crate over the next year or two. We also have some ideas for GD related games that are set in that universe and will share some mechanics but are not quite ARPGs.

You’ll also be hearing about at least one totally new project in the next year though."

I see, thank you for your answers.