Any ranged Fire Strike builds that aren't Purifier?


All ranged fire strike builds we see are Purifiers, is there any good build for endgame that doesn’t rely on Inquisitor to perform well?

Does it gimp the build so much not being Purifier?


Pyromancer Darkblaze should works too, not having aoe from storm spread but still retains brimstone

Dreadscorcher weapon for Aether Fire Strike also has Arcanist and Necromancer support on it.

AFAIK no one has posted a dreadscorcher build but it will work with either defiler or sorc.

Purifier is simply the best choice as it combines both best ranged AA and best ranged WPS.
But you can always try vitality fs Defiler, it’s also a good build.

2H Primal Strike Vindicator is good option or Savagery 2H with Evoker of Elgoloth weapon.

It’s possible also to do Darkblaze Pyro DW, 2H Acid Dervish, 2H Harbinger Deceiver, also Exonerator DW pistols Lightning Tactician, all are viable options.

But I have noticed for ranged, unlike melee 2H builds have more variety than DW.

Hmm I just find it annoying that we have to seat on the goddamn seal all the time :stuck_out_tongue:
Is the seal THAT important?

yes. Seal is the must-have skill that you cannot drop.

Retal shieldbreaker with Hellborne rifle is okay. But Firestrike is “made for” inquisitor’s wps. Hard to make it work better that that.

I’m but a newbie still playing first character - Pyromancer. Can’t say I beat all biggest bosses, but Fire Strike certainly works for my 1H+shield and 2H guns.