Any suggestions for my first build ever (Spellbinder)

About this build:

This is my first Grim Dawn Character ever. It is on hardcore and I have finished normal with 41 shrines. (I was told there are 47, apparently I missed 6!)

I am looking for suggestions before I head onto elite with this hardcore character. Maybe items I should farm for according to the skills I use or better use for my devotion or skill points as it’s possible I have not been using those well.

Don’t be shy if you have any suggestions.

I suggest to fix your acid resistance. In act 1 there are plenty of acid damage dealers. Also try crafting/using gloves with cast speed. I don’t like Bristly Fur components at all. Your top priority are resistances, if you want you can use Restless Remains for cast speed/extra life steal and energy.

Don’t forger when you reach revered status with Devil’s Crossing to buy and put Survivor’s Ingenuity augments in your jewels for extra DA/OA.

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You are making a very valid point about the acid resistance. I need to find a way to fix this.

I’ve been using bristly fur for the life total, but I think at the level I’m at they probably aren’t really that good anymore.

I don’t know what survivor’s ingenuity augments are , I’ll look that up, thank you =)

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Having big health pool is nice buffer against dying but health have diminishing returns in higher difficulties compare to normal, since enemies deals more damage.

Also check the GT for this off-hand it will improve your defense a lot,

It’s dropped from the boss Amalgamation.

Acid res, you have Antivenom Salve components for starters, also you can try craft item with common prefix Impervious.

For Ingenuity augment, check Devil’s Crossing Quartermaster.

I found this off hand about 10 times I swear!!
Are you saying this would improve my defense because of the lifegain?

Thanks for the tips by the way

also you can get bat and bind it to AAR, you will heal like nothing else in this world! Especially if you also get Ghoul.

I would rush and get mark of torment asap, its a necromancer skill

life steal is crucial for builds especially those that stands still to deal damage.

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I will look into all of those, thank you :slight_smile: