any way to transfer tainted brain etc.

Hello there.

Im wondering if theres any way to transfef Tainted brain blood of chton (etc)
Or dynamite or scrap?

I thought maybe trough a friend (but i can join a game with my wife she is to low lvl) so any other way?


You can transfer it using repeatable quests.

For example, Devil’s Crossing gives quest for Calamity relic, and rewards you with Blood of Chton. Sure, you lose some materia, but that’s the cost.
Sadly, it also consumes a lot of time.

thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Have a friend make a game or join a public game

Find a spot. Drop your stuff on the ground.

Leave game, join that game on the target toon, and go pick it up.

Or use a mod.

Try Grim QOL in the modding and utilities section. It’s a small tweak that removes the ‘soulbound’ property of items so you can store them in the transfer stash.

I tried downloading the QOL thing i followed instructions but it does not work any tips?

I believe you can remove the 'soul bound ’ property of any of those items using gdstash.