Anyone have a good 2 hander melee build?

Honestly, i’m tired of messing around and failing with tons of complex builds.

Anyone have a simple 2 hander melee build that doesn’t die and wrecks? I’m trying warder, but i don’t want to do lightning if i don’t have to. I tried using a 2 hand bleed build with either cadence/savagery and blade arc but they both kind of contradict eachother since you should spam blade arc (hence it should be your main attack).

any pointers here?

for the record, this is what i came up with originally

Blade Arc is a strong Bleed applier with the transmuter - not spamming it. Supported by either Cadence (for Fighting Form) or Savagery and other sources (such as Counter Strike or Grasping Vines) will make a strong Bleeder. See Superfluff’s Markovian Madness Witchbade and Drizzto’s Blood Harvester Warder for examples of successful Bleed builds.

But lightning warder is so good, probably tier 1:

While I doubt it’s going to become useless or unusable (as most people often associate with the word), Mythical Stormreaver (and Mythical Guillotine) got way too big of an upgrade in terms of flat DoT damage when you compare them to other DoT 2-handers like Infernal Brimstone and it’s Mythical counterpart and will likely be getting nerfed next patch.

While that looks good, it just doesn’t seem like a melee build…since it clearly is being supported by storm totem and wind devil. I mine as well make a caster lightning build with a 2 hand gun and primal strike everything as well.

Wind Devil is there only for resistance reduction. You will use it for ANY build that uses elemental damage, because resistance reduction is so powerful!

As for storm totem - it’s used mainly because build uses many items that provide skill bonuses to it (and +1 totem from weapon and can get extra +1 from amulet). I bet you can use that build without Storm totem, if you like to.

Just what MortalKombat said. You are in the middle of a fight 90% of time. Your lifesteal, Wendigo totem and Feral hunger keep you alive. You only rely on totems and electrocute damage to deal with extremely dangerous stuff like Rashalga, Kupacabra or wave 149 in gladiator crucible.

You can also check out my modest compilation of powerful AoM builds:

Wave 149 (Sharzul) isnt as “dangerous” as “annoying”. Sharzul put absolutely ridiculous fumble/impaired aim, and your attack DPS gets dumpstered. Storm Totem is not an attack, so it’s unaffected (= allows to kill that bastard quickly).

For non-attack builds (for example, my 2-h Forcewave), Sharzul isnt a threat at all, he gets focused very quickly because his fumble has 0 effect.