Anyone knows whats the drop rate of the Vire set?

Wiki says it can drop from a chest in SoT after defeating Alkamos, but I killed him 10 times already and nothing.

Does it have a really low drop chance?.

I believe each piece has a drop chance of 5% from the big/central end chest.

Shit. Why do they do that :frowning:

Gotta feel rewarding when it finally drops. If you think a 5% drop chance is bad, don’t bother looking at Alkamos’ rings :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep trying and you’ll eventually get the full set. Many of us have done hundreds of runs for similar kinds of Legendaries or MIs and when you finally get the drops you need, the feeling is indescribable.

It would be nice info there was a way to refresh the dungeon without needing to restart session.

It’s 5% and you need to craft big number of Skeleton keys. That’s why Krieg set for example is easier. Plus since every piece is located in different dungeon, you need to be able to farm both Port Valbury and Ancient Grove.


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