Anyone made a mortar build yet?

I was thinking of trying it out with the new guns, was wondering if anyone already did and how it went? i was thinking something along the lines of this:

With the guns and helmet you get 4 mortars up with 1 second cooldown time, the cooldown being my biggest gripe with the ability before.
Anyone tried it?

I would but farming Ternox for his off hand is kind of pointless until they fix the affix bug on MI.

If you fool around with gear and make a couple of swaps you can get 6 mortar traps out in under 6 seconds. That is my end goal.

However I am still accumulating gear and am only in the AOM content of elite at the moment.

My impression to date is that when the mortars work, the damage is there. But the mortars also have a nasty habit of hitting arches and door frames etc and then the damage isn’t there. Or the monsters are too fast and the mortars miss and once again the damage isn’t there.

And at least with my purifier I don’t think I’ve worked out a good enough defensive situation to stand there and take punishment while letting my mortars do the work.

Imho, a purifier build that uses 4+ mortars should have no problem with all that, if you shoot a few rounds in the faces of mobs whilst the mortars are up. Debuff with word of pain and so on. I´ll let you know in a few weeks, for I also am “just” @ Malmouth in Elite so far. :stuck_out_tongue: