Anyone tried Rotgheist?

I’ve had a look around the forums and a few other places and haven’t seen a Rotgheist build posted/showcased anywhere. Does anyone have one they can share? I’d like to check and confirm something regarding the set.

Valinov made this DEE build with it: 2H DEE thingy

Rotgheist is very mediocre unfortunately, especially the vitality Primal Strike part :cry:

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Thanks for finding this.

I’m looking more at the transmuted DEE part but it doesn’t matter either way.

Still looking for any others if they’re around.

I tried vitality DEE cabalist with it and failed horribly:

Transmuted or untransmuted doesn’t matter, both cannot work, LoL…

Valinov build is interesting though. Maybe it can only work as Acid. Rare to see a sentinel these days…

Thanks as well, looking at your build and Valinov’s, energy regen has to be a major issue to deal with. Getting 20 or 40 energy regen/s on a caster is pitiful.

This is what I put together recently and after briefly playtesting it, the energy drain makes it unplayable - it goes through energy faster than the cooldown on Elixirs. I could drop mastery points from Shaman into Mogdrogen’s Pact but that’s still only another ~10-15 energy/s.

There was thread on acid grasping vines

That is an interesting take on that as an alternate set, but I personally felt 3/4 Judgment of the Three set fit the conjurer grasping/DEE idea fwiw. Energy is definitely an issue.

However, neither of these sets are caster sets (Rotgheist or Judgment). Thus the minimal energy requirement lowers what the regen somewhat, as you are inclined to minimize energy and maximize physical.

–>I also think that more energy regen would be good for Rotgheist and it needs more defining features. Rotgheist item slots also occupy the primary energy grabs: head, chest, amulet

I would say that I’m currently using full of the three set on my archon for acid vines… and it is very strong.

I tried vit Primal Strike. Maybe I did it wrong but after theorycrafting in gt didn’t look like it was worth putting it together.

Since it seemed interesting, I tried it.
Oh, yes. The skill and equipment look good. But it is weak. It is not worth building hard. LOL

I tried Rotgheist Primal Strike spammer Archon. Barely made it in 8:30 minutes, always on the verge of dying. And it was in an easier version of Crucible back in I think.

Horrible fucking build, never trying it again. In fact, been burned by melee Vitality too many times so will not touch that again unless something radical is done to it.

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Primal strike is supposed to be 2h damage machine. But no relevant support.

I tried it as WD stacking DEE build. Same issues, can’t do 3x runs and despite heal and physical resistance from Occultist, build is lacking. Perhaps it can work well defensively with Aeon to maximize Ascension. But it will be harder to play and sacrifing offensive procs is must.

That’s a lot of damage :eyes:. Looks like Retaliation is by far and away the best method of building Acid Vines.

Seems like the general consensus is Rotgheist could do with some changes/buffs to it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Conjurer is the best vit primal strike option… It’s pretty close to the grasping vines conjurer I did. Performance is relatively close too.


Interesting although I doubt quite a bit ))

It’s pretty obvious in this case that Conjurer is superior than Archon for vit PS/TS imo.
Occultist has more flat vit damage, more attack speed, and more %vit damage. Also more phys res, free vit and posion res, doesn’t need to charge RF. Has no reduced DA reduction, but -x DA reduction. %absorb instead of flat absorb (which is weaker, but permanant). Reduced enemy phys damage (If you decide to take transmuted DEE). -OA reduction from wasting. Yes you don’t have the cdr from path of the three, but the attack speed is more important for vit TS. In general Occultist is just the better vitality support mastery imo.

The two best builds for rotgheist atm should be vit PS Conjurer and acid DEE Sentinel, I have played neither of them yet though (they are on my list).