AOM SC Legit trade thread #1

starting AOM legit SC trading thread, legit only plz!


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Grand Master is back !
Welcome back Guru :slight_smile:

Looking for: (updated 10/14/2017)

mythical mark of divinity (craftable)
mythical warpfire
mythical direwolf crest
also willing to swap for what u need if you have other tradeable sets , warborn/marko/ulzin/ulto/belg etc

I have:
Mythical Ulto’s stormseeker
mythical clairvoyants wand
mythical ulzuin’s shoulders
mythical ulzuin’s flamespreader
mythical gutsmasher
mythical venomskin legwraps
mythical nidalla’s legwraps
mythical bloodsong
mythical trozans vestments
mythical wrath of the acendant
mythical dracarris
mythical feralmane legplates (+2 primal strike)
mythical clairvoyants robes
mythical reforged chains of oleron
mythical fiendflesh mantle
mythical fiendflesh greaves
mythical misery
mythical trozan’s vestments
mythical aggrivix robes
mythical hellforged legguard
mythical exterminus
mythical bloodrager sholders
mythical cataclysm pact
mythical dagallon’s destroyer
mythical girdle of stolen dreams
mythical amarastan crusher
mythical olexra’s chill
mythical infernal knight’s jacket
mythical stoneguard pummeler
mythical cataclysm’s pact
mythical dreadfire
the crimson claws
mythical darkblaze ammo belt
mythical voidwalker footpads
mythical harbinger’s grasp
mythical harbinger of eternal suffering
mythical venomlash
mythical avenger’s pauldrons
mythical fiendscale jacket
mythical exonerator
mythical pyroclasm mark
mythical gutsmasher
mythical colossal grasp
mythical the guillotine
mythical mark of the dreadblade
mythical eyes of the eternal flame
mythical agony
mythical golemborne greaves
mythical stonefist rebuke
mythical allagast’s stormgem
mythical runebinder’s spellthrower
mythical bane of the winterking
mythical deathguard mantle
mythical wildwood crusher
mythical wildblood gridle
mythical rune armor of ignaffar
mythical gauntlets of ignaffar
mythical arcanum sigilis
mythical dreadweaver
mythical mageguard legguards
mythical earthsplitter
mythical belgothian’s armor
mythical ortus
mythical death’s reach
mythical farath’s cube
mythical screams of the aether
mythical warborn chestguard
mythical warborn shoulders
mythical vestments of the great guardian
mythical avenger’s pauldrons
mythical undying oath
mythical korba’s frenzy
mythical ravager’s bite
mythical scales of beronath
mythical spellscourge deflector
mythical allagast’s mantle
mythical dread armor of azragor
mythical valguur’s focus
mythical valguur’s raiment
mythical venomancer’s raiment
mythical gildam arcanum commendation
mythical markovian’s bulwark
mythical levianthan
mythical obsidian juggernaught
mythical spiritseeker cord
mythical serenir’s commendation
mythical ravager’s bite
mythical boneweave leggings
mythical misery
mythical riftwarped grasp
mythical timewarped walkers
mythical voidheart
mythical deviltongue
mythical valdun’s jacket
mythical valdun’s rifle
mythical valdun’s bounty
mythical ilekxor’s rageflame
mythical panetti’s replicating wand
mythical diviner’s raiment
mythical thornhide legguards
mythical crimson spike
mythical tome of names
mythical chilling grasp of harggard
mythical timewarped walekrs
mythical havoc
mythical butcher of burrwitch
mythical greaves of III omens
mythical signet of the fallen
mythical silverbolt
mythical dreadscorcher
mythical deathmarked decapitator
mythical dawnbreakers duty
mythical invokers blaze
mythical invokers shocking touch
mythical reaver’s claw
mythical spellbreaker’s waistguard

and many many mythical blues - let me know if u need something i might have it

steam ID: meerkatologist

or PM yours. please only pm if you have what i need!

thanks, now trade me what i need!^^

Lol, I need to grind them first :stuck_out_tongue:
I also need them… a lot :smiley:

Btw, really nice to see you back again ^^

thank you , sir

Welcome back, jajaja! We missed you!

The game is launched today and the guy already has 20 new legendaries? What the hell is this.

Wow, who do we see here! Glad to see you back, @jajaja.
How dafuq did you get so many legendaries this fast?
I played like 2hours and got only one…

Ok, just to make it on topic:

Mythical Stormreaver

Mythical Fiend’s Resolve

That is Gladiator Crucible for you!

-thx for the welcomes

-as far as legendaries, i haven’t really touched new content, i’m speed farming old world stuff for legendaries. fabius runs with +human dmg ^_^. i lost my saves from before i dont have any char that can do crucible atm, but nemesis farming is easy and still alright i guess

i’m not sure that Crucible is already updated with the new stuff anyway :wink:

Looking for any Primal Strike Druid items in general. Mostly Mythical Stormreaver.

Got lots of sets and mythicals, over 2-3 tabs, will do a list later but for now ill leave it at that.

Looking for:
Mythical Direwolf Crest
Mythical Bloodrager´s Cowl
Mythical Bloodrager´s Gem


Aegis Revolver
Amarastan Crusher
Avenger´s Pauldrons
Cataclysm´s Pact
Mythical Anderos´Amplifier
Mythical Barrelsmith´s Crossfire
Mythical Bloodfury Spaulders
Mythical Combustion Band
Mythical Cord of Violent Decay
Mythical Dawnbreaker´s Sledge
Mythical Dreadfire
Mythical Fateweaver´s Leggings
Mythical Jaxxson´s Lucky Bullet
Mythical Livegiver Signet
Mythical Mark of the Dreadblade
Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch
Mythical Silverbolt
Mythical Spiritseeker Cord
Mythical Touch of the Everliving Grove
Mythical Trozan´s Vestments
Mythical Ulzuin´s Shoulderguard
Mythical Venomancer´s Raiment
Mythical Vestments of Agrivix
Mythical Voidmancer´s Cord
Mythical Wormscale Footguards (x2)
Spellscourge Vanguard
Valguur´s Raiment

…and a lot of Mythical Epics, just ask.

PM me or adding me on steam (Rhylthar). :slight_smile:

Looking for:

Mythical Mark of Kalastor

I have:

A lot of mythical legendaries, a bunch of them from sets.


Steam: Timez (Sweden)

Looking for:
Justice set (Helm)


Mythical Cowl of the Venomblade
Diviner’s Mask

Mythical Razor of the venomblade
Mythical Mindwarp
Mythical Deathmarked Claw
Mythical Barrelsmith’s Salvo
Mythical Death’s Reach
Mythical Wildblood Crusher
Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut
Mythical Dreadweaver
Mythical Dawnbreaker’s Sledge
Mythical Panetti’s Replicating Wand
Mythical Exonerator
Mythical Demonslayer’s Life-Ender
Mythical Adversary
Mythical Ravager’s Bite
Mythical Aldanar’s Vanity
Mythical Crystallum x2
Mythical Deviltounge
Mythical Bane of the winter king
Mythical Reaver’s Claw
Mythical Harbinger of eternal suffering
Mythical Spelldrinker
Mythical Dreadscorcher
Mythical Hagarradian Enforcer
Korba’s Decapitator
Edge of Sanity

Mythical Iskandra’s Text x2
Mythical Tome of names
Mythical Cataclysm’s eye
Mythical Untouchable
Mythical Dawnbreaker’s Duty
Mythical Aldanar’s Vanity
Valguur’s Focus

Mythical Divinesteel Shoulderguard

Mythical Rune Armor of Ignaffar
Mythical Valdun’s Jacket
Mythical Light’s Defender Plate
Mythical Dread Armor of Azragor
Valguur’s Raiment
Dagallon’s Armor

Mythical Demonbone Legplates

Mythical Stormtitan Treads
Mythical Wraithwalkers
Mythical Greaves of ill Omens
Mythical Venomspine Greaves

Mythical Colossal Grasp
Mythical Aethereach
Mythical Bonescavanger’s Deathgrips
Mythical Viperfang Grips
Mageslayer’s Armguard
Valguur’s Touch

Mythical Gladiator’s Distinction x2
Mythical Scales of beronath
Mythical Boneweave Girdle x2
Stoneguard Girdle
Cataclysm’s pact
Aegis waistguard

Mythical Entropic Coil
Mythical Celestial Stone of Halakor
Mythical Markovian’s Stratagem
Mythical Invoker’s Burning Hand x2
Mythical Sigil of the Bear King
Mark of Ulzuin
Uroboruuk’s Eye

Hi, i dont have any of the items you are interested, i have some new legendaries. I need mythical crystallum, do you think you could change it for another legendary? Add me on steam so i can show you which ones i have

All out - Time for a new game

What I need:

Mythical Crystallum x2
Mythucal Ultos Set

What I have:

Mythical Ulzuins Torment
Mythical Pyroclasm Mark
Cataclysm Eye
Mythical barrelsmith Crossfire
Mythical Reavers Claw
Mythical Temporal tempest
Mythical bloodroagers coat
Galewind Treads
Diviners Raiment
Myhical Infernals Knight Girdle
Mythical Shroud of Illusion
Venomskin Legwraps
Mythical beastcaller Shroud
Mythical Mark of the forbidden

Looking for:

Mythical Mark of Kalastor

Sinister Exalted Claymore of Celerity or Fury, level 92

Uroboruuk offhand and helm (Blueprint is fine)

I have:

A lot of mythical legendaries, a bunch of them from sets.