AOM seems too dark.

I don’t mean too dark for subject matter, I mean too dark on my screen. I’m going through the expansion, and the graphics seem way too dark. I set the lighting and shadow effects to low to improve my FPS. Is that what’s going on?

Also, the lines on the minimap got a lot fainter with the expansion. So, I find myself using the map feature to navigate a lot more than I did in the original game.

Am I doing something wrong?


It got darker for me too, and others from what I’ve read. It’s a result of the new renderer they’re using.

One thing I’ve noticed is that in certain dark areas like rifts, darker parts of the act 5 woods, etc. it gets progressively darker to the point it’s almost pitch black outside my light radius.

Exactly my point. I found the last dungeon unnecessarily hard to play because I couldn’t figure out where I was. It’s pretty frustrating, and I hope it gets fixed at some point.

This game is such dark and mature, and then is the new loading screen so bright, a woman with big boobs, like a cheap asia grind game.
Embarrassing new loading sreen.
A aduld and mature game, and then so a cheap loading screen every time like a generic asia game for kids. a shame.

I felt like the loading screen is fine. Perfectly in character. The last one was bright red, depicting an occultist - appropriate since the big boss for the classic game was C’thonian.

Now we’re up against etherials, and we get a loading screen depicting aetherfire, and showcasing a character of one of the new classes. The character’s attractiveness is just down to the artist’s abilities, and their preferences, and the style of the art.

Would the screen somehow be improved if the character was hideously ugly, or even just totally plain looking?

I too found the new areas to be much too dark, though. I have the gamma on my screen maxed out, and can’t adjust the in-game gamma because i’m running on borderless window. I’ve been fiddling with my screen/chair position all day so that i can actually see what’s happening. In the first new zone especially i couldn’t even see the terrain (or some of the enemies) if i didn’t have my screen totally square to me, and all light glare on it eliminated.