April Fools Pranks throughout the Interwebs

I tend to enjoy seeing the internet, and the various related corporations, grow an actual sense of humor for a day, so I always enjoy keeping track of the best April Fools pranks and gags. I thought this year, perhaps I’d share them here as well, especially as Crate seems to have a sense of humor year-round.

Stack Overflow Introduces Dance Dance Authentication

Google Gnome

Google Maps Ms. Pac-Man

New Master & Dynamic Headphones

Think Geek’s Joke Products

I would so buy that Jar.

Google’s Haptic Helpers

Google Japan’s New Keyboard (Use Closed Captions if you don’t speak Japanese)

Google Wind

Amazon’s Petlexa

Nvidia’s G Assist

What do you guys have from around the internet? Or has your workplace or locality done something funny for the international holiday of humor?

Some parts of Netflix live prank:

Home Cremation:

dance dance authentication. oh man it almost seems like a good idea

lost my shit laughing though.