Arcane Currents proc of Attak Seru, the Mirage

This is a T3 proc and requires an alternate path to the typical aether/lightning path.

I ran with it for a fair bit from 0-> max xp on an aether DW pistol build, and imho it needs a boost. It feels very clunky and underwhelming.

It is a slow(1/second) direct-line attack from a stationary spot that seems very subject to terrain blocking effects. Even with 3-4 on the map (when put on high rof skill, with %-CD) it just felt meh. It was far, far more effective to have something like T1 Aetherfire bound to that high-speed-proc skill.

As a comparison, I also ran Elemental Seeker proc of Blind sage…and I quite liked this. Easy to proc(100%) and thus easy get a couple of these out there - and they move around quickly with a nice final explosion. Very flexible. Even with ~50% conversion-> aether, these were far more useful imho…and better damage dealers, all things considered.

The nodes of Atk Seru are nice, but that could be said of Dead God, as well.

TLDR: I think the % on attack chance of Arcane currents should be increased…to 100% proc.

Edit: lol, Aetherfire is T1, and not T2 !

It need a lot more that that to be viable in vanilla. The proc is blocked by terrain, fire extremely slowly and miss a lot. Due to absurd devotion requirement (14 green and 16 purple? Madness! What I`m supposed to pick in purple as aether/elemental user?) nodes aren’t that good if you thing about missing opportunities. And proc suck.

Due to absurd devotion requirement (14 green and 16 purple? Madness! What I`m supposed to pick in purple as aether/elemental user?

This is likely why Attak Seru’s proc is [I suspect] unfamiliar to most. GD has some fairly standard devotion paths for better return. This becomes more notable as you look at min-max/damage/survival.

I hope to raise the profile of some of the underdogs for better diversity. I’m working through all the devotion 0 -> max xp.

It need a lot more that that to be viable in vanilla.

I think you are correct in this. I wanted to give it a quick boost and not overthink it…but after having thoroughly explored the proc mechanics and had a little time to ponder after…I would be likely to skip it in future.

? ->100% proc and AoE instead of a linear direct attack? Maybe add some RR to the attack.

Please, no more aether+lightning. Every fucking thing is aether/lightning except for CT and Devastation. There’s also aetherfire that is not aether/lightning, but otherwise everything is fucking with lightning. I am sick of it. I feel like it’s the same as “buff Arcanist” request, and Crate buffs Devastation. I would love to see something different, unique maybe, like aether + fire, which there are like only 3 skills with that typing, or aether+cold. Heck, give us even aether+acid. Just not lightning…

I’d say if Arcane Currents had one type (consider “elemental” as one type here), the skill would actually be worth picking, but still not 5/5. I had a pure aether Spellbinder, that converted 100% elemental to aether, and this skill actually cleared trash pretty well, along with Aether Corruption. Not saying it doesn’t need a buff, because it does need one, but I think just doubling the base damage, or adding the current aether value to elemental and current elemental value to aether would be the point I’m trying to make. Yes, you still could double that damage further if you went (e.g.) elemental -> aether conversion, but I doubt it’d be OP since not many people would play aether character that has 100% elemental -> cold and had a massive aether RR (for example, being an Apostate, which has 58% aether RR by fully maxed, not overcapped, skills only), you’d just need to sacrifice much, or too much in order to achieve 100% elemental to aether.

But in the end I don’t care about this skill, because I think it’s okay for clearing trash, but I agree that it should be stronger because T3.

It might not be that bad if the terrain problems get fixed. I dropped it like a hot potato when I realized it couldn’t actually hit anything on uneven terrain though, so I’ve really got no idea.