Arcanist build for me?

Hi everyone,

I’ve perused the recent builds in this forum but I’m still extremely ignorant about most classes and skills, and am thus very unsure what to do with my arcanist. My first character was a lightning trickster, and I like it a lot, but I want to build a faster clearing character for ultimate farming. I started up an arcanist because I really wanted to experience OFF, Maiven’s, and mirror on this character, since you guys seem to rave about them. Leveling is ok so far, with OFF one-shotting most trash and using a component fireball to clean up.

What follows may seem like an outrageous wall of spammy text, so here’s the logic: Ideally, this character could begin to be viable in trash greens, vendor gear, and the legendaries I’ve already got. I really don’t want to do a build that requires an essential, specific piece of gear that may take me weeks or longer to find (if ever) to be good in ultimate.

So here’s the legendaries (and recipes for legendaries) I’ve found so far. If anything in this list screams for a build to be made, please let me know!

weapons: Dawnbreaker’s Sledge, The Guillotine, Barrelsmith’s Crossfire, Wildblood Crusher, Death Omen (x2), Beacon of the Winter Veil, Havoc, Crescent Moon, Nightshade’s Reach, Witching Hour, Crimson Spike, Brutallax, Raka’Jax

shields: Skybreach Bulwark, Zolhan’s Revenge, Meat Shield, The Untouchable

caster offhands: Aldanar’s Vanity, Blood Orb of Cthon, Tome of Names, Invoker’s Blaze, Skull of Gul’amash

rings: Open Hand of Mercy, Invoker’s Burning Hand, Lifegiver’s Signet

amulets: Dawnbreaker’s Beacon, Starfury Emerald

helm: Maw of Despair, Trozan’s Hat, Iskandra’s Hood

shoulders: Shoulderguards of Justice

gloves: Touch of the Everliving Grove, Voidsteel Gauntlets

belt: Sash of the Immortal Sage, Voidmancer’s Cord

chest: Shroud of Illusion, Dread Armor of Azragor

feet: Stormtitan Treads, Venomspine Greaves, Boneshatter Treads, Golemborn Greaves, Wyrmscale Footguards

pants: Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind, Wraithborne Legwraps

mythic relics: Aegis, Annihilation, Blademaster’s Talisman, Iskandra’s Balance, Malediction, Oblivion, Primal Instinct, Reckoning, Soleil’s Decimation

Thank you in advance for your help.