Arcanist + Expansion Builds

So with the expansion out and having been out of GD since… maybe January? Curious if arcanist has any sweet builds now. :slight_smile:

I cleared the new DLC with my tri-element sab [jajaja build] with ease but haven’t really used the new classes at all. Poked around the build comp and forum as a whole and seems… most builds are still using the old classes just with new tweaks since there are new devotions and +15 more levels to play with. Oh and some gear. :wink:

Any good arcanist builds out there with necro or inquis?

You cleared all the new content with pretty much the same character that I did, lmao.

Didn’t even upgrade a single bit of kit.

Ditto. Didn’t have a single drop for my build the whole time. My avg item level is like… 68. :eek:

Saw some arcanist + inquis builds crop up lately… may need to give that a roll.

Most don’t sound all that happy, even though I’m trying the same thing with Flames if Ignafar. I’m hoping to be able to tank. Use a shield for 15-20% bonus physical resists with Aura of Conviction, and a few pieces of gear to be able to tank and deal Flames to everything.

I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed with the end damage, but so far it’s working.

Heh would follow the general GD history of Arcanist builds being… not favored… at least not in pure caster form.

I keep hearing unhappy dual pistol builds using Arcanist.

While powerful, the new classes lack a default attack for weapon users, which Arcanist also lacks. This leads to Arcanist not mixing well with most expansion class builds. I imagine Rune, pet and pure casters have a better chance than weapon users.

So what is the current hotness in the expansion anyway? Seems to flip between patches as they nerf/change stuff. I have several jajaja builds sitting in the stable at 85. :slight_smile:

I think the “Hotness” as u say it would be the new area’s,factions and in my opinion the Necromancer class, it fits in so well and the skeletons especially are SO good!

Suppose I should have specified… in terms of builds.