Replicating missle does little damage garbage, needs buff.

also callidors tempest without wrath of agrivix does little damage garbage, needs buff.

Buffing Callidor’s Tempest would make the skill extremely OP. It can already be very fucking strong on its own. Yes wrath of Agrivix makes it stronger but that’s exactly what a High end proc should do. You can easily get over 15K DPS on a spammable 360 Degree AOE which even without WoA will melt trash like butter. Yes as single target it is lacking, but should An AOE really be strong for single Target…I Don’t Think so.

Never used PRM pass level 10 or so as I dont enjoy the skill so cant comment on it.

PRM is long range safe spammable aoe that clears big areas super fast you need ray or davastation to complement it

When you see a bunch of builds constructed around some specific skills. you should already know that these skills cannot be bad as you might think.

How to make best use of those is another matter, but in this forum you should be able to gather all the info you need.