Arcanor (battlemage)

Are there any Arcanor builds for battlemages? While I’ve found a few outdated builds for a Tactician using Arcanor, I haven’t been able to find any builds for battlemages. Will the update ( to Arcanor make any difference?

Mythical Arcanor, Blade of the Luminari: increased Elemental damage modifier for Forcewave to 280 and added 100% of Pierce dealt as Elemental modifier for it

Maybe I will post soon battle mage elemental FW build with this sword.


You could use my elemental Cadance battlemage as a start and build elemental Forcewave from it. It is here.

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I would try to use another setup. Something like this:

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Does the weapon modifier convert also DoT on Internal Trauma skill? That new piercing conversion applies to Rending Force I hope as well? Hard to know which secondary skills are converted and which are not.

Don’t remember since was focused on flat, not DoT FW damage.
BTW, you can try to equip the sword and to check FW damage statistic on character’s 2nd window.

Haven’t read everything but maybe it will be helpful to decide whether a skill is converted or not

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Checked the build. With the Sword IT is also converted to elemental DoTs.