Armorer never completes armor

After years and years of waiting for plate armor to be produced, they do NOTHING. they just get drunk and start fights. I have plenty of coal, iron and hides. Also, what is the point of random villagers killing others and starting fights? It serves zero function, I can’t even kill or imprison the guilty party, I just get a notification that an NPC has lost the plot, it’s pointless and really stupid.

Is there plenty of coal though? There doesn’t seem to be any in storage in the Arsenal for them to use. Storage only has shields, iron ingots, planks and hides.

yes. there’s plenty of coal: 270 and counting. I stated that already, you’re literally describing the bug I’m reporting.

What other facilities are using that coal? Are they closer to the coal storage? You could have 270 coal and the game has already allocated it all and the villagers just haven’t picked it up yet.

The issue definitely appears to be coal as Medea points out. But that doesn’t make it a bug in and by itself. The game could be playing as intended.

You have 1 worker currently building armor, and 1 worker stocking the armory. So armor is being built.

As for the drunk brawls - that’s part of the gameplay. It makes sense if the villagers causing the issue have too much idle time. You have methods to restrict beer until you figure out the coal issue. Fire the idle workers and/or stop the flow of beer to the pubs (fire the publicans).

No armor is being made. it says that it’s being made without coal, hence the bug report. I have plenty of carts, coal, baskets and workers etc. I know how to play this game and fully grasp what is happening. The bug in the armory is what’s causing all the brawls. Furthermore, not having any way to punish the offender, such as a stockade (or even a gallows for repeat offenders;) defeats the purpose of having functions “that make sense” in the first place.

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