Army commander, in battle, possible?

Had a few questions…got to devotions and am…lost. I’m sure they’ve been answered…but quite frankly I wanna hunt monsters, not answers ^.^ So thanks in advance for the help.

Numbered for ease…

  1. Is it possible, to have a summoner build - where you’re in the middle of battle, and be decent/decent enough to go through and still have fun?
  2. Off topic, but, is there a build/a way to have a “Don’t touch me!” build…where they hit you to take oodles of damage…don’t ask why I just wanted to know if it’s doable.
  3. is it better to go (given question one) pure damage/survivability for me …or still go all in on pet damage.
  4. Speaking of, is it better to level the pets attacks first? Like hellfire aura, or go for the pets themselves to level them?
    • which devotions (given 1…being in the middle of battle with pets) would be best…or which are pet based.
  5. Off a bit - when it says, “+ elemental damage” do you have to have an elemental damage bonus already for that + percentage to take effect, or does it add on top of your damage (say you do 10 damage, it adds 1 lightning) for + 10 percent lightning damage…or something like that? (gives me build ideers).

Again thanks in advance for the help, still figuring things out but this would help oodles.

  1. This build that you talking about - it’s a hybrid pet build. Yes, it’s possible.
  2. This calls reflector’s builds or auromanser’s builds
  3. Better go balance for hybrid. If we talk about “pure” pet build then you get to defensive and your pets get to offensive.
  4. If you want leveling via pets then you invest all of your skillpoint in pet themselves, and only after in their abilities
  5. There is many nice pet devotion, like Dying God or Mogdrogen the Wolf, both of them are useful for hybrids
  1. Anything is possible if your inventive with your skills and devotions. Shaman offers a good mix of smashing and summon buffing, while the Occultist has lots of good summons that you can pair with a combat class like Soldier. My current ‘summon’ build is a melee Commando who uses the Unknown Soldier star sign to summon minions on critical hits, which are then buffed by the field command and flame touched auras.

  2. Retaliation builds are very strong and there are sets that can boost it to near excessive levels, like the Perdition set. Damage reflection can also be found but it is a lot rarer.

  3. It depends on who you want to do the heavy lifting. Your character will need survivability regardless of your decision because pets are really bad at drawing attention off the player in a timely manner. If your putting significant points into strong pets like the hell hound or briarthorn, then get gear that buffs them. If your just using utility pets like the guardian spirit or unknown soldier summons then focus on yourself and let them do their thing when RNG spawns them.

  4. Early on its better to pump mastery and unlock pet skills so your pets have more things to do. Once they have their skills unlocked watch their mana while in battle, the skills do most of the damage but if the base pet doesn’t have enough levels then it won’t have enough mana to cast them often enough to matter.

  5. Many of the beast star signs give bonuses to pets, Wolverine, Raven, Hound and Jackel. Dying god and Mogdrogen the Wolf are the ‘big’ star signs you want to work towards if your into pets, while Unknown Soldier and Revenant are good choices for a hybrid build as they summon pets while your character fights.

  6. Fixed number add that number to your damage, percentages increase matching damage types by that amount.