Ask about Coop and PVP development Feature??

I know that the focus of this beautiful game is the single player and lore mode (and is amazing :rolleyes:) in my opinion Grim Dawn is best game ever in the genre ARPG/Isometric/Hack N’ Slash, but I want to ask about the PVP feature, I know that is active, but no one play it, I readed that don’t have a good balance between classes, for this feature and don’t have any award or incentive to play pvp.

In the future Crate will be work in improve pvp?

Coop: Again, I know the focus of the game is lore/single player, but the feature of party/coop is there. Many people use it, but is not a popular. Any plan to improve it?

Thanks a lot for making this wonderful game from Fans to Fans.

This game have a bigger potencial to destroy all the actual franchise and I want to see :smiley: Sorry for my bad english

Regards from Dominican Republic!

What’s wrong with the co op?

Thank for answer. Nothing, but I want to know if Crate will be improve it (because coop games are the minority of the GD Community).

I’m just asking about future :wink:

PvP just is not very popular in general, I do not see a change to build balance ‘fixing’ that.

I also rather not balance masteries around PvP at all, simply because it has the potential to negatively affect almost everyone without helping anyone. I assume Crate feels the same way, so do not expect any changes…

PvP you’d probably need a mod to make some sort of arena game with unique mastery’s/skills/item restrictions to make it balanced and fun.

Coop for myself I think the way quests and quest choices were done and how fps drops can happen in multiplayer really often may be some of the reasons why it isn’t as popular. I’ve done a lot of lan/internet multiplayer before and it’s definitely been enjoyable but I more often play single player.

Thank you guys for your answers. About the lore, I see all the work of Crate for future patches and expansion and is great. Again Thanks Crate.

But how about Coop and PVP? Any plan to improve? What awaits us in the future?