Asking for endgame advice/gear & build suggestions

Hello, forum dwellers. I’m currently at SR65 and my goal is SR 75-76 with not too many deaths/not very tedious experience. This is my current spec, I would appreciate gear/devotions/skills recommendations.

First of all, you need Wind Devil and it’s RR. Just that. But also you have low AS, some weak items etc. I’m sure you’re aware you need Ultos Shoulder but also try to get Light’s Defender Gloves, has good AS and stats. Use arcane spark on medal component. And if get another Coven Storm Ring. Get Stormtitan Threads, it has PS bonus and damage reduction.

And I assume you manually created this GT link, not upload your character. Next time you should upload your character so we can get more accurate data like skill bonus on your relic etc. Something like this you should have. Still AS is not much as I wanted to but I really don’t like PS shaman’s so I don’t know how to improve it more, try to check other builds in forum.

i’d suggest trying to get smtg like this:

ring of anubar can be swapped to this

you can ask author in the thread or, judging by your nickname (sorry if i’m being wrong), you can ask him or anybody else here:

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Oops, I forgot to level the WD in grimtools, I’m using it of course - it’s mandatory.
Thank you for your recommendations, LD gloves and Stormtitan treads look quite good indeed. I’m also considering runesinged handguards and footpads of the grey magi. I’d also get another storm seal but I need freeze reduction cause Mooosilauke.
Ultos spaulders though… Do I really need those? I’ve got them, but they don’t cover poison res in my current spec.
I’m also wondering - why are you recommneding arcane spark on that medal?

Thank you for your reply. I’ve been to Safarel discord and already asked there and got a fair amount of help - this help allowed me to get to SR65 and I appreciate it greatly. I was using that guide as orientation tool in my character progression, but had to make some adjustments to gear to cover the holes - based on what I had. I would question ring of Anubar though, cover storm seal at least provides %DA.
I also decided to ask people here to get alternative perspective on gear.

They provide PS skill bonus, 5 piece set bonus and set skill. As you can see when you get light’s defender you’ll have enough acid resist.

Because you’ll need some level of disruption resist. You can use arcane harmony leggings instead of but then arcane current leggings have good stats.

And if you really wanna use some MI ring, try to farm living ring in Ugdenbog with good stats and resistances, depending on what you lack.

You are right, skill disruption is quite annoying in SR now that I’m thinking about it…
I guess I can transmute smth from LD set to those gloves and craft-transmute Ultos spaulders.
I’d like to test that 5 piece bonus, it just didn’t look too compelling to me, I might be wrong here.

This is the build I use.

SR 75~76

Thanks for sharing! :relieved: