Assassin Mark

Hi again,

What shall I attatch assassin mark to in my DW pierce Nightblade? To one of the WPS in DB line? Blade spirit or Shadow Strike?

You will want Assassin Mark to trigger asap in your enemy, since it increases your dps by a lot. If you don’t have any LMB skill and you are pure Nightblade, I would suggest putting it in your WPS with the highest proc % (if they have the same %, equip it to BS or WD, since Assassin Mark has no CD and that way you can apply to multiple targets).

Ass mark got 15 sec duration, so you can apply it to whatever skill you want, if it procs at least relatively often to activate and reapply the debuff.
I personally have it on SS.

But the skill description says something about proccing on crit hit. My crit is now about 5%. So does it proc on every BS or only when it crits ?

Only when it crits, as in the description.
If you have a low crit chance, then attach it to a proc which triggers more often.
On a side note, if you have a DW pierce char with 5% chance to crit, I have some bad news for you…
Blades of Wrath procs on crit as well btw.

So i should try to get as much crit % as i can then?

But I have only begun to play - mid act 2 veteran . Or right now this crit% should be higher?

What r the best sources of crit%?

OA is the only source of crit chance. Once you have your crit chance higher I personally like to stick the mark onto something like whirling death, definitly not your attack replacer (troll rage, shard) and not something like blade spirit - mostly because trash doesn’t need to be hit with the mark so if it takes 5-6 secs to mark something I’m fine with that.

When you are just starting out the important thing is that it IS bound and is leveling up, once your crit chance is higher and bosses are more resistant in later difficulties is when it really shines anyways.

So… yeah quick cut or whirling death are the best homes unless you have 2 or less procs.

BTW isn’t the debuff negatively affected by the lower than 100% WD of whirling death?

No - it is a unique and completely separate proc.

Yep, the debuff is applied by a proc spell and not by weapon damage.

@Silben “So… yeah quick cut or whirling death are the best homes unless you have 2 or less procs.” - why quick cut and not BS that hit 3 targets? Whirling death, I get it, as it can hit 6 mobs at a time.

I’m assuming you have at least one better proc - such as falcon swoop or blades of wrath. In which case those procs would take precedence over Assassin’s Mark until it is level 10+ or elite difficulty (even then once you get your crit chance up and level assassin’s mark it will last 15 seconds so quick cut or the like will still keep it up on bosses in ultimate)

Also most trash dies quick enough as is to the point where another 20-30 resistance reduction isn’t going to be terribly noticeable - especially sense they’ve already taken at least one crit before it is applied.

Atm I have only 10 or 11 devotion points - 1 in crossroads, all in lion, all in assassin blade and 1 or 2 in harpy. I noticed I can take this 1 (5% hp) from crossroads and place it somwhere else, in harpy maybe?