Asset Manager functions I still don't understand;

-Skill Dependancy

Has anyone figured out how to create aesthetic character morphs/ homing missiles? I have an idea of how to make homing missiles, but haven’t tested yet. And how about a spinning animation for something along the lines of Whirlwind?

When asking for properties, you also should include which type of dbr file you’re talking about or at least provide a screenshot of the record in which you found it in the dbr editor.

skill dependancy is a dbr entry list that determines which skill(s) a player must have skilled in order to unlock this one

OffensiveGlobal determines whether the current bonus type will be compacted with others. This will result in, let’s say for example, if you set this to true in “offensiveColdGlobal” and in “offensiveFireGlobal” and assign a chance to Offensive Global -> offensiveGlobalChance, for example 50%, then it will show ingame
"50% chance for the following:
x cold damage
x fire damage

OffensiveXOR is basically the same then OffensiveGlobal, just that it will say “50% chance for one of the following” instead of applying all listed stats.

Changing the character mesh through a skill is not possible.

Homing missiles can only be achieved through pets that look like missiles.

Check out the devotion spells, I think elemental seeker? That is your best option for homing spells. Spinning animation, not possible afaik. Your only option is to make a 0 cooldown spell like ring of steel. It won’t be as you want though You can potentially make some work arounds, like a toggled damage aura which disables attacking (reduces self attackspeed by an instane amount) and deals a %wpn dmg around you. Can probably also slow movement speed too if you wanted

Propname is unused, in TQ it was meant to hold an object which was called upon during a certain phase of an animation. For example, War Horn, Rally, or Call of the Hunt, if you played TQ you’d know these. Basically when the animation cast, the character would put his hand to his mouth and spawn a horn, and it would play a sound, then the horn disappeared at the end of the animation.

Thanks guys, very very much.