Attack/Cast Speed differs between buttons on keyboard and buttons on mouse

I have 200% cast speed, and I was using Force Wave as an example, cases are below:

Case A. the command button of Force Wave is placed on KEYBOARD (key D)
Case B. the command button of Force Wave is placed on MOUSE (Right)

I did the timing for cast 100 times.

For Case A, it took 33 seconds. For Case B, it took 38 seconds. That means there is a 15% advantage in damage of keyboard over mouse.

Situations of Default Attacks and other 0cd Spells are the same as Force Wave, and as the sheet speed goes higher, the advantage of keyboard also goes greater.

Spell Channel doesn’t have this BUG.

Please test it, confirm it, and then try to make mouse as fast as keyboard.


I´ve noticed that too, in some cases. Can´t say anything more specific - just that this might be a thing.

That’s absolutely true. Tried this with 196% CS (I believe) Forcewave and here’s what I’ve got:


Something similar was reported before if memory serves me…


Is it same issue with lmb aswell?

Lucky me always binding spam skills to keyboard. :eyes:

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Don’t have any hard data on that but it felt the same as RMB.

Weird. Can it be related to wireless? Like cable keyboard/intact to laptop with an wireless mouse?

Yeah, it is weird. I was noticing this on Forcewave before, but thought it was just a mental thing or something.

And also thought about input lag (but both my KB and mouse are hooked through USB 2.0). I guess it’s more oversampling relevant =\

I’ve just tested it with Oblivion and 2 different casting speeds and can confirm.
The 10% - 15% matches too.

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I did some extensive testing with all my builds that use spam skills and was able to repro this bug for these skills:

  • Forcewave
  • Chain Lightning
  • Beronath’s Fury
  • Primal Strike
  • Righteous Fervor
  • Firestrike
  • Touch of Chaos
  • Phantasmal Blades
  • Stormfire
  • Devouring Swarm
  • Fleshwarped Strikes
  • PRM
  • DEE
  • Callidor’s Tempest
  • Stun Jacks

I think these have it too but I’m not 100% sure, if there’s a difference it seems to be very minimal (I think this needs further testing, different builds might give different results):

  • Savagery
  • Spam ABB

I didn’t notice any difference at all on channeled skills like Acid Purge, Drain Essence and AAR.

Those are all the skills I’ve tested and with the few exceptions that I mentioned the difference between mouse and keyboard binding was quite noticable. I tried both with and without Grim Internals, it doesn’t matter.

Chain Lightning and Stormfire are weird though. I tested several chars that use these two skills. Some have this bug, some don’t (or it is extremely minimal). At first I thought different cast speed values of these builds makes the difference but it doesn’t seem to correlate, neither does the gender of the character.

The mouse I’m currently using is an old Logitech RX250, keyboard is new but some cheap noname brand, both plugged to USB ports. Using Windows 10, I tried tweaking all the available mouse settings but it didn’t have any impact whatsoever.

Very weird bug indeed, I hope this can be fixed.


%10 is a value that can’t be ignored. 1 less it on every 10 hit? lol. Good for people who can adjust themselves to ‘‘move’’ on lmb but I can’t do that :rofl: One of the biggest reasons I can’t play builds without spam skill. I need a spam skill on lmb :frowning:

If this isn’t a bug, and known by devs since vanilla then it’s even worse; it’s literally favouring the hit&run playstyle lol.


Holy shit so this is why I get better cruci results on some casters when I put my spam skill on keyboard despite it being worse than on mouse huh.

I just made dummy kill times test with my DW Sentinel. Disabled devotions, no celestial presence, no BoD etc just spamming RF. AS is %200. WPS chance %77. Tested in Fort Ikon againts single dummies.

LMB> 59/61 sec
Keyboard>55-57 sec.

I should test without WPS or with %100 WPS for more consistency.

Quick test with my %100 WPS cold Reaper using beronath. No distinguishable difference this time. but only killed one dummy for each situation.

Another test with %100 WPS DW DK with %200 AS, using Cadence. keyboard is faster 2-3 sec. Definitely more testing required in WPS interaction with different AA skills. but LMB maybe faster than RMB?

Yeah, so I also did a couple of tests today:

Phantasmal Blades




1h ranged default attack


2h ranged default attack



So, my another observation is as follows: the problem is in longer resettling after the attack / cast. It is more evident on Stormfire example - rifle appears between casts, but for RMB it lasts 3 times longer.


Can the problem be on how spam inputs when holding down keys in general is faster on keyboard than on mouse? I remember in minecraft some exploits involve changing your use hotkey from RMB to a random keyboard button cause it becomes easier to execute said exploit.

Edit: I just realized what I said might not be true everywhere and it’s just a coincidence between 2 games I play but still, some input speed magic could be at work here

The real problem is no one else replied and it has been 24 hours. Z ignores when it’s either not a bug or considered as a insignificant one.

Its been all of Sunday and nobody’s responded? The nerve!

“Z” doesn’t ignore anything. Z however does not respond to bug reports unless there is value in doing so, such as when we need more information.

It’s also not like we get a bug report, drop everything we were doing and investigate.

It’s effectively been 5 hours since the work week started. I haven’t even discussed it with a programmer yet, much less determined what course of action will be taken if any.


I didn’t mean in the bad way, I’m aware that you can’t respond for each report/individual for every little problem, and others have different tasks to take care. Don’t get angry :smiley:

And yes, apparently I forgot you live across the world so the time difference between us is huge, in here it’s 4 hours left to the tuesday. Sorry about that.

And by ‘‘no one else replied’’ I didn’t focus on you, praetorians and other veteran players also check the forum in daily basis and they comment/try to help when something important occurs.

Plus I contemplated this ‘‘issue’’ as it might not be an issue, might be an existing thingy in the engine since forever that most of others aware of so didn’t get any attention except a few relatively ‘‘new’’ players and one more experienced one. In short; I didn’t mean any offence.

Well … I… Brain…
Must try scroll wheel on forcewave now


Btw I think it must be emphasized that the difference is clearly visible, you don’t have to measure anything :slight_smile:

I thought about temporary workarounds and to RMB you can bind keyboard button easily with some software. But LMB is a special button for default attacks, makes you not stop and swing in the air if you target the ground but just move till you find an enemy so you cannot bind some keyboard button to it and have the same behavior.