Attribute Points - Question

Hey guys I have a quick question…

I am currently playing a Warder and switching around between 2-Handed and Sword & Board retaliation build and I haven’t really invested any of my attribute points yet. I am level 62, playing through Elite and pushing forward. As you can see in the screenshot, I have a lot of points saved up.

Any suggestions as to how I should distribute my points? What I am wondering also is if there is any specfic guideline for point distribution, like there was in TQ.

I hope I make sense with my question and thanks in advance!!

You need some in cunning, but most will go into physique in order to have enough life to survive Ultimate. DPS can be gained from other locations as you probably have already learned thusfar.

You can simply try it out by pumping all points into either physique or cunning, or mix it, and check what happens with your OA, DA, health and damage. You can now undo stat point allocation, just like skill points (e.g., as long as you don’t close the window you can undo it, but it’s permanent as soon as you close it).

Judging from your HP you seem to have a bunch of +HP%, so physique will be very effective to increase your survivibility. Cunning isn’t really that effective for increasing OA iirc. Just try it out!

Well it depends on a lot of things.

Do you want to use heavy armor? then you need to make the physique requirements for legendary items. You can take into account mastery points that you are planning to still get. You can use military conditioning, veterancy or the bull constellation, so kind of a lot of options there.

Remember there are some spirit requirements for jewelry, for legendary pieces it’s quite high. Unless you have some spirit gear you plan on keeping forever. You can also use mastery and the dryad constellation.

Points you have left can go into physique when you’re dying(although i recommend using CC and healing as well, or into cunning when you want more crit. Spirit if you need more lightning damage or whatever type you are using.

Just make sure you feel comfortable with it and ask yourself if you want to depend on certain items/constellations.

Short version: I would pick up the minimum spirit and put the rest between psych and cunning. You really don’t need to go all physique on a warder.